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Houston Zoo

No description

Chloe Lalone

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo Open daily 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Last entry at 5:00 p.m. Prices:
Children Under 2 – free
Children 2-11 - $10
Adults 12-64 - $14
Senior 65+ - 7.50 Zoo Phone Number: (712) 533-6500 Email Address: membership@houstonzoo.org You can visit the Houston Zoo website at http://www.houstonzoo.org Zoo Address:
Houston Zoo
6200 Hermann Park Drive
Houston, Texas 77030 The Sea Lion Exhibit
Stop to see the Sea Lion exhibit. You can join Cali and Kamia as they swim around in the pool. The zoo recently renovated the pool. You can check the schedule to see when the next Sea Lion show. The Sea Lions work on participating in challenges. Currently the Sea Lions are working on learning to distinguish from four different objects using the reflection of a mirror.
Animals that are found in this exhibiea Lions named Cali and Kamia The Carnivores Exhibit
When you take your journey through the Carnivores make sure you have a keen sense of sight. The cats like to hide and their coats provide really good camouflage. When you visit don’t miss the University of Houston’s mascot, Shasta the cougar. If you stop by the tigers look for them taking a swim in their moat. Look at the loins in the Lion Tunnel and you might see the girl lions playing with various toys and treats.
Animals that can be found in this exhibit are Lions, Tigers, bears, jaguars, fossa, African Painted Dog, Maned Wolf, Leopard and many other carnivores The McNair Asian Elephant Habitat
Covering three acres, the McNair Asian Elephant Habitat is a place where you can enjoy the seven elephants living there. You can watch the elephants play around in their 80,000 gallon pool. You can sit in the 200-seat area for demonstrations were the keeper talks from the elephant care team. You can also see the 7,000 square foot elephant barn, where the elephants get bathed. In the wild the male and female elephants live apart in the wild, it is very much like that at the zoo. Animals that can be found in this exhibit are
Seven elephants The African Forest
At the Houston Zoo you can trek down a path that comes into a village trading outpost. You can explore small, round huts that surround a fire pit. As you move along in the forest you hear the sound of drums in the distance. When you’re on a journey through this forest you can find indoor chimpanzees in a large glass wall, observing you. There is also a restaurant in this forest, where you can eat while you watch the animals. Animals found in the exhibit are Masai Giraffes, Zebras, ostriches, Chimpanzees, and the White Rhinos. The Hoofed Run
This exhibit is in two parts of the Zoo: west and east. In the west part of the Hoofed Run exhibit you will find several species of African animals, including the giant eland, warthogs, lowland Nyala, and marabou storks to keep the animals company. In the east part of the Hoofed Run you will see bongo, yellow-backed duikers, and okapi. An Okapi is a relative of the giraffe, but it looks more like a zebra. Cranes and ground hornbills also live in the west section of the Hoofed Run, keeping life interesting for the other hoofed animals.Animals that can be found in this exhibit are the Giant eland, warthogs, lowland Nyala, marabou storks, bongo, yellow-backed duikers, okapi, tapir, cranes, and ground hornbills.
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