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Shrek Archetype

No description

Demi Rogers

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Shrek Archetype

by: Demi Rogers Shrek Archetype Protagonist Antagonist Princess
Fiona Dragon prefers to be alone
could easily live a life of solitude
sometimes withdrawn from social situations
tells people the truth, even when harsh
doubts himself Examples from movie: lives alone at his swamp
Only talks to the townspeople when they go to his swamp to get rid of him
when he gets a chance to make a friend, Donkey, he tries his best not to
Tells Fiona that she's not going to get the fairytale story she wants
Yells, at Donkey, that nobody likes an Ogre and his "bark is worse than his bite" Examples of Archetype: smart and intellectual
will seek revenge for a harm done to him
full of passion and intensity
invades other peoples boundaries
takes things to extremes
self-centered Shrek Archetype: Osiris Examples of Archetype: Examples from movie Is smart enough to be the kind of Duloc
Always makes sure he has seen what he looks like before he leaves his room
Took apart gingerbread man to get the information he wanted
Wants to marry Fiona, someone he doesn't know so he can remain king
wants Fiona as a bride
Doesn't give Shrek his home and privacy till he delivers Fiona to him Archetype: Posiedon Lord Farquaad Archetype: Isis Examples of Archetype: cares more for others than herself
has a healthy sense of who she is
renounces material possessions
lives in tune with nature
a good listener Examples from movie: Sings while walking through the forest and sings to blue birds who sing back to her
She made Shrek and Donkey breakfast to have a fresh new start
She was stuck in a castle her whole life with nothing but the clothes on her back Archetype: Athena Examples of archetype: prefers male friendship
is self-reliant
very smart and intellectual
confident and self-assured
feels trapped
paranoid that others are plotting against her Examples from the movie: She is always paranoid that someone is trying to save Fiona
She has been on her own as long as Fiona has been on her own, in the castle
is trapped in the castle because she has chains attached to her Hero's
Journey I. The Ordinary World Shrek lives on a swamp, alone, with no one to bother him.
Soon his home is invaded by all the fairytale creatures.
He wants his privacy back, so he has to travel to Duloc, to get Lord Farquaad to give him his swamp back II. The Call to
Adventure Lord Farquaad wants a wife, so he can remain king.
Farquaad needs someone to go get Fiona from he castle, to bring back to him
Shrek walks in the middle of a showdown and defeats everyone
Farquaad saw how strong he was and tells Shrek, if he rescues Fiona then he will give him his swamp back V. Crossing the First
Threshold On his way to rescue Fiona, Shrek crosses a bridge, surrounded by lava.
To get Fiona out of the castle a dragon has to be slayed/distracted. VI. Tests, Allies,
Enemies Shrek meets Donkey while, Donkey, was trying to escape, Farquaad's, men.
The two, Shrek and Donkey, become great friends by the end of the movie
Although Shrek is suppose to be saving Fiona, the two, start to fall in love with each other the more time they spend together Donkey Archetype: Hermes Examples of Archetype: loves to play practical jokes
is easygoing
is charming and playful
has strong imagination and is full of ideas
hates authority figures
runs instead of fighting
expects other to bail him out of a crisis Examples from Movie: When an old woman is trying to sell Donkey, he runs away
While running away, Donkey runs into Shrek and because he's an Ogre, he expects Shrek to fight the battle for him
Donkey quickly find a friend in Shrek before he even really met
Always making jokes with Shrek and Fiona IX. Reward Shrek gives Fiona to Lord Farquaad after he overhears her talking about him to Donkey
In return, like he promised, Farquaad gave Shrek his home back XII. Return with
the Elixir On his way back home, Shrek realizes he made a mistake and he wants Fiona back
Shrek must interrupt the wedding and face Lord Farquaad and his soldiers again
Shrek gets so close to getting Fiona when Farquaad's men grab the both of them
Then Donkey and Dragon come crashing through the windows and rescue Fiona and Shrek VII. Internal Battle Shrek faces Donkey and finally admits that he feels lonely and that no one likes an Ogre, when they're only judging the outside
Shrek's starts falling in love with Fiona, when she's suppose to be marrying Lord Farquaad Conclusion The filmmakers did a good job following a hero's journey. They did not follow all the steps to Campbell's Twelve Steps to a Hero but there were a few steps that could be added that aren't in Campbell's Twelve Steps to a Hero. Each character fits an archetype pretty well. At times there were a few characters that could fit into a couple archetypes. The movie is stronger because of their great use of following the Hero's journey and using archetypes. Shrek is a very relatable character because of his archetype. Shrek doubts himself, but shows only strength to everyone who crosses his path. Donkey is also very relatable. He is very insecure because he feels all alone without friends, loves to joke around to show he doesn't care, and have fun no matter what the situation is. Fiona is a character that can match a lot of girls. She dreams for her fairytale prince, wedding, and happily ever after. The filmmakers were very successful at making each character easy to relate to making this a great movie.
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