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Bridgit Mendler

No description

Bambinaboo Pumpkinhead

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Bridgit Mendler

Bridgit Mendler
Beginning and films
Bridgit got her first acting role in 2004, in the Indian animated film, The legend of Buddha. She portrayed Lucy. When she was thirteen years old, she got a role as a guest star in a soap opera, called "General Hospital". She portrayed the dream character of Lulu Spencer.That same year, Bridgit Mendler was the voice of Thorn, in the video game, "Bone: The great cow race". The video game was based on the Bone comic series. In 2007, she was in the film adaptation of "Alice", titled, "Alice upside down". She played the role of Pamela, who is the rival of the main charater.
Beggining and films
In 2008, it was announced that Bridgit would be playing the role of Kristen Gregory in the film adaptation of popular teen novel series, "The clique". Kristen Gregory, Bridgit's character, was a girl who attended OCD on a scholarship. In 2007, Bridgit started working with singer and actress Lindsay Lohan on a film titled "Labor Pains". However, it only became a TV release on ABC Family in 2009. Starting in 2009, Mendler became a character alongside Selena Gomez, in "Wizards of Waverly Place". She portrayed the role of Juliet, a vampire. She had been in eleven episodes total for the series, from 2009 to 2012, when the series finally ended. In 2009, she also auditioned for the role of Sonny Munroe, but Demi Lovato was chosen instead.
Bridgit Mendler on the carpet for a concert at Carson, California
Bridgit Mendler and her boyfriend, Shane Harper
Bridgit in her music video for her song, "Ready or not".
Bridgit's full name is Bridgit Claire Mendler. She was born on December 18, 1992, in Washington D.C. She is currently 21 years old, and is a musician, producer, actress, and singer-song writer. She can play the piano, keytar, and guitar.
Basic information
Bridgit Mendler
Bridgit and Shane
Bridgit and Shane
Bridgit's work from 2010-2013
Mendler became the star for the Disney Channel Original Series, "Good Luck Charlie", where she portrayed the role of Teddy Duncan, a teenage girl who makes video diaries for her younger sister. In 2011, she starred as Olivia White, in the Disney Channel Original Movie, "Lemonade Mouth". In 2011, she also had the supporting role of Appoline in the film, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2". In 2012, she guest starred as
Callie Rogers in the television series, "House", as a runaway teenager with a mysterious sickness. Mendler's album, "Ready or not", was released in October 22, 2012. The album was number 30 on the Billboard 2002.
Bridgit's Early Life
When Bridgit Mendler was eight years old, she moved with her family to Mill Valley, San Fransisco. That was where she became interested in acting, and started working in plays. When she was eight years old, she took part in local roles for both musical and dramatic theatre. She stated, "I was eleven when I did a play out in Northern California and I really enjoyed it and I decided that I wanted to pursue a career and so I got an agent and did commercials and voice-overs and that sort of thing." When she was eleven years old, she hired an agent to help her get acting jobs.
Present and personal life
Bridgit Mendler recently confirmed that she is working with her second album, but she had also said that she has to start working on songs again because her laptop broke. On September 25 2013, she confirmed that she was back in th studio. On March 27, 2012, Shane Harper said, for the first time, in an interview to "Officially the hottest", that he was dating Bridgit Mendler. In an interview to Cambio, she said, "It wasn't one of those... 'you meet on a set and you wind up dating instantly,' it took like two years". In 2012, Bridgit started taking classes at the University of Southern California. She chose to specialize in classes of jazz history.
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