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Camille Joyce Mercado

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Propaganda

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What is Propaganda?
It is information, speeches, commercials, or any form of communication that involves to control thoughts of human society; to lead to misleading nature or for good

Propaganda found in History
through out the middle ages and later in time there was propaganda.

Propaganda was one of the weapons used in the movement for American independence, and it was used also in the French Revolution
How did propaganda start.
Relation to Propaganda Today
Cults and Activists that go against the government
The Anonymous
By: Katrina Malik, Camille Joyce, and Nick Mccord
What is a Dystopia and a Utopia?
Utopia is a place that you would perceive as perfect and sublime
Dystopia to some can be a perfect utopia, but actually is corrupted all along.
Can be hidden from all the propaganda given to people.
Is it bad or good? - It's either way
Propaganda: Dystopia or Utopia?
I believe it is both
Dystopia; if only one side of an argument is available through propaganda, then people can be controlled.
Utopia; If all sides of an argument are available from different sources, then people may be free to decide.
The Impact on the Jewish People
Mainly everything in the world
Commercials, speeches, riots
The Nazi’s systematically used propaganda to blame Jew’s for all problems
The news media blamed Jew’s for Joblessness, crime, inflation, and any manner of both major and minor problems.
Even children’s books were created to teach hatred and prejudice.
Even though Germany lost the war, anti-Semitism continues to this day in various ways.

Obama and Congress: Should we get involved with Syria?
Obama says yes!

Example of Propaganda
In its origins "propaganda" is an ancient and honorable word. During later times the word's definition changed to selfish, dishonest
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