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Study Abroad

No description

Alexa Schnoor

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Study Abroad

Study Abroad

About Study Abroad
Studying abroad will broaden students’ intellectual and personal horizons, help them navigate in different environments, practice or perfect a language, and build a resume to help broaden career options.
Loans and Grants
Scholarship Opportunities
Financial Aid
Veterans Benefits
ROTC scholarships
Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan
There are many different program choices in a variety of countries. Just go to the study abroad website to search countries or majors. You do not have with a program that is the same as your major!
Different Program Types
Faculty Led Programs:
These are Texas A&M programs offering courses taught overseas by Texas A&M faculty.
Reciprocal Education Exchange Programs (REEPS):
Students attend an overseas institution for one, two, or three semesters. You enroll as full-time, non-degree student at a host university, yet remain in full-time status at Texas A&M University and pay only Texas A&M tuition and fees.
Transfer Credit Study Abroad Programs:
Students apply directly to an international institution, a sponsoring U.S. institution, or program provider to enroll in coursework overseas and earn academic credit.
Experiential Learning: Research, Internships, Volunteer and Independent Travel:
These opportunities provide students with practical, hands-on learning experience outside of the classroom.
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