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Kyra Marshall

on 15 April 2015

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Secondary Source 2
“The voyage of Edward Stafford and John White”.
“The fifth voyage of Master John White into the West Indies and parts of America called Virginia, in the year 1590” (1600).
The Primary sources differ from my secondary sources because their written from the colonists & you get another their perspective not a historians.
John White also wrote this after returning to Roanoke after being gone for some years, & coming back to a town with nobody in it nothing showing that they were in distress. But he did find the letters CRO carved into a tree that he told him to do if they ever encountered a time where they had to leave & relocated 50 miles away with where they are going, & over that a cross, or a sign of distress. Since there was no sign of distress, or a cross John White, & Captain Cook went looking around the town where White some of his goods spoiled from rain, & other causes that led him to believe that from the people leaving Roanoke they went to live in Croatoan where Manteo was born. This source shows us how poor communication was between everybody, & how hard it was to start new colonies, & make sure you pick the right place to start one.
This was written while being in Roanoke on August 25, 1587 by John White to the Queen of England. In the excerpt White was requested by the settlers to return to England to update their backer Sir Walter Raleigh on the colony’s progress. He refused, but then later required them to put in writing which is what I read. In the letter it stated that White would go to England to get supplies that were needed & leave everything he had to go to England & do what was asked of him from the settlers. We can learn from this source that instead of putting what you want your government to do on social media back then would write a letter to the governor, & eventually he would do it. Even though he would refuse multiple times government was a little more persuasive back then.
Chelsea Westmoreland
July 1584
Roanoke A novel of the Lost Colony by Sonia Levitin
The Lost Colony and Jamestown Droughts
Secondary Source 3
This book tells me what could have happened to the people living in Roanoke while John White was away in England getting supplies. The people there live in Roanoke such as John White's pregnant daughter Eleanor. What was going on during that time of 1584-90. Also where Roanoke is, & what happens when White goes back to Roanoke after getting supplies from England. Sonia study at the University of California, Berkeley, student, 1952-54; University of Pennsylvania, B.S., 1956; San Francisco State College, & graduate study, 1957-60. She has not written another book on Roanoke, but has many other books on history.
This article was written by David W. Stahle, Malcom K. Cleveland, Dennis B. Blanton, Mathew D. Therrell, & David A. Gay. Stahle. Stahle study at the University received a B.S. in Anthropology University of Arizona (1973), & a Ph.D. in Geography from Arizona State University (1990). He’s currently a professor of Physical Geography & the Conservation of Natural Resources at the University of Arkansas. Cleveland received a BS at the University of Redlands (1950), a PhD, & a Postdoctoral Associate at Cornell University (1954). Therrell received a PhD at Southern Illinois University, & I couldn’t find where Gay studied, but I’m sure he probably studied at the University of Arizona too. In the Lost Colony and Jamestown Droughts & Shoreline Erosion and The Lost Colony they both have similar pictures of the shoreline erosion in Jamestown. They both show how it eroded after the years, & where Jamestown was located. These two sources also explained more of the geographic aspects of the Lost Colony, but the book I used for my first source assignment explains a story. The book was more like a look into how life was, & the articles are more of a historical or geographic look at it.

Secondary Source 1
Works Cited
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John White, "The fift voyage of Master John White into the West Indies and parts of America called Virginia, in the yeere 1590" in The Principal navigations, voiages, traffiques and discoveries of the English nation, ed. Richard Hakluyt (London: G. Bishop, R. Newberie, and R. Barker, 1600), 3:292-293.
John White, "The voyage of Edward Stafford and John White" in The Principal navigations, voiages, traffiques and discoveries of the English nation, ed. Richard Hakluyt (London: G. Bishop, R. Newberie, and R. Barker, 1600), 3:285.
Dolan, Robert, and Kenton Bosserman. "Shoreliine Erosion and the Lost Colony." Taylor & Francis Group. Web. 18 Feb. 2015.

Roanoke Island (The Lost Colony)

Robert Dolan & Kenton Bosserman wrote the article Shoreline Erosion & The Lost Colony. Dolan studied at the & recieved his PhD. at Louisiana State University, but is not currently studying anything. Bosserman is a graduate student in the department of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Dolan & Bosserman have written other articles together, & seperate on the Roanoke the Lost Colony.
Some differences I noticed in this article that's different from my first secondary source is that they gave a detailed picture of the shoreline. Since in this article it was mostly about the shoreline changes there is a picture of the shoreline to show you the erosion of it after years have passed. There were also more dates given so you know the exact time periods that is being talked about. The exact measurements of how much erosion occured on the shoreline during they years. Similarities they both have are of course they talk about Roanoke how it's the Lost Colony, & John White was the colony's governor, left for 3 years to come back to the colony to find that there was nothing left, but a engraving of the word "Chroatoan" on a tree, or post.
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