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Quality of Life in Somalia

No description

Aisling Quinn

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Quality of Life in Somalia

Quality of Life in Somalia
-Became a democracy on August 20th 2012.
- Somalia's human rights are limited because
of their corrupt government.
- Somalia has gone a decade without a central government.
- Their right to privacy is restricted
- Violence and discrimination against women
- Political Activism for women's rights was led to the Transitional Federal Parliament but 12% of the seats needed to be filled by women and only 8% were.

-People who are living around Somalia have positively affected the political, social and economic factors of Somalia
-The conflict between borders has lead to the use of child soldiers, who are mostly under 10.
- Government bans certain things to prevent the spread of Westernization
-When children are born overseas many of their parents are illiterate and are not very good role models, which leads to the imprisonment of many teenagers in places such as Quebec, California and Ohio.


-42% of children are in school.
-The average life expectancy in Somalia is 51 years
-37.8% of Somalia’s population is literate
- 61% of the population don't have access to safe sanitation
-19% of children die before their 5th birthday

Globalization in Somalia
-Many years of drought has lead to scarce livestock and crop failure has lead to the increase in food prices.
- The GDP is only $600 per capita as of 2011

- Somalia's location made it a key trading location
- Not allowed to trade with many countries
- Educated people leave the country to find better jobs
- People from Somalia move around the world because they face discrimination
- The United States is one of Somalia's main trading partners
-Poetry is used as a means of communication
across nations.

How Globalization has
affected Somalia
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