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Cameron's Prezi

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Charlene Jordan

on 13 March 2012

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Transcript of Cameron's Prezi

Reconstruction web quest Describe Lincoln's recontruction of the south He wanted to rebulid the South with his ten percent plan What opposition did he face? The Radical Republicans Thought he was to lenient on the South

What happened to Lincoln? He was assassinated at Fords Theatre. In what way was Johson's plan for reconstruction different form Lincoln's? How did the Radical Republicans respnd to Johnson's policies? They thought he was being to lient and tried to impeach him but failed by one vote. Did congress have a legitimate reason for impeaching Johnson? No the congress did not have a ligitement reason to impeach Johnson they only did thhis because they thought his policy was to lenient on the south. Once the slaves were free, what were some of the problems would they be forced to face? They wanted the right to vote and also recived lynches from both black and white races. What were the Black Codes? Codes that limited African American freedom What were the Jim Crow Laws? Made blacks seprate but equal Whites made blacks get up if they were sitting in front of the bus.

There were different water fauntions for African Americans.

For some restaurants blacks had to come in from the back entrance or couldent go in at all Give some examples Why was the first Ku Klux Klan formed? To form reconstruction polices and to keep whites superior. In what ways did the members frighten and abuse African American? By hanging,hitting,kicking, and even burning them to death Using geography and political affiliations tell who was most in favor of the 13th Amemdment. The Radical Republicans were most in favor of the 13th Amendment. Descibe one of the earliest attempts to abolish slavery and expain why it was unsuccessful. The Emancipation Proclamation How did the 14th Amendment attempt to guaranteee the freedoms of African Americans? Gave equal protection under the law Why was the 14th Amendment unsuccessful in guaranteeing equal rights to African Americans born the United States? The Police and Firemen didn't want to rescue or help the African Americans What supreme Court decision put and end to Segregation? What reasons did the court state for its decision? The Declaration of Independence stated that “all men were created equal”
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