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Jose Adem

No description

Alex Padilla

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Jose Adem

by Alex Padilla, Breanna Ontiveros , and Priscilla Ponce Jose Adem Born in mexico on October 27,1921
Died on February 14, 1921
He worked on algebraic topolgy
Discovered The Adem Relations
between Steenrod squares Biography Biography He did postgraduate work at Princeton University

He was elected El Colegio Nacional on 4 April 1960

Colegio Nacional is a mexican honor academy with a strick limited membership

This type of membership was a lifelong commitment Biography He had his own Memorial Lecture Series

The Department of Mathematics of Cinvesstav continues the tradition of Jose Adem

The event occurs annually in the Spring

It consists of three events: First for the audience, Second for the students, and Third for specialists in the field in question Biography He was not married

He did not have any kids as he did not also spend time with his own family

He wanted to focus on his career

He was a happy man though Contributions to Math Recognized for fundamental contribution to algebraic topolgy

He was a professor in Mathematics Contributions to math His relations allowed us to express all possible compositions of steenrod squares

He discovered the universal formulas
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