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Final Thesis Midpoint Review

No description

Anka La Blanca

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Final Thesis Midpoint Review

1. G&G is a wholesale brand that offers infant and toddler knitwear made of natural and safe yarns.

2. The brand combines European knitting traditions and the latest trends in children's wear design. G&G personality is smart, hip and playful.
What is Guz et Guzette?
Guz et Guzette will be involved in designing, manufacturing through existing knitwear industry in Russia, marketing and other promotional activities.
- long history of sheep breeding and knitwear production

- competitive manufacturing costs

- unique production location in close proximity to the Black Sea ports (access to Turkish cotton)

- founder's connection with extensive network of knitters
Why South
of Russia?
Factory Examples
Popular Techniques:
- jacquard
- lace
- classic cable knits

- scarves
- necklaces
- toys
- shoes
Knitted Accessories
Part 1
Part 2
Who is my mom?
Ideal target audience are first-time working moms in the 28-38 age group.

Dual-career families with medium to high level of income (over $75,000 yearly).

G&G customer enjoys the convenience of local neighborhood and online shopping and looks for one-of-a-kind pieces.

G&G moms choose sustainable, fair trade and natural products.

Part 3
Where will G&G fly?
The ideal B2B customer should be located in an affluent, primarily residential area of the city with a store in a neighborhood's main shopping and dining corridor.

Desirable retailers should carry products of similar quality and preferably participate in neighborhood's life by organizing Storytime family gatherings.

Academy of Art University
Final Thesis Project Proposal
Midpoint Review
Fashion Merchandising
Anna Belaya ID 03654300

Online Stores
1. Tada! Shop
2. Little Skye Boutique
3. Little Citizens Boutique
4. Cool Kids NYC
Part 4
Who's there?
Direct competitors of G&G are wholesale brands that specialize in children's knitwear and use the same distribution channels to reach the same target customer. The top 3 competitors are:


Thank you!!!
- Fashion-forward innovative assortment of heirloom quality
- "Unique" source of production - products made in Russia
- Community involvement through social media and special events
- New business that has no brand recognition
- Low marketing budget
- Assortment limited to knitwear (may need time to educate people to wear some of the pieces - summer knits)
- Economy: exchange rate fluctuations
- Loss of key manufacturer
- Vulnerable to reactive attack by competitors (copycats)
- Expansion towards other apparel categories - wovens, jersey knits
- Exploration of new knitwear machinery and techniques
- Business extension towards retail (flagship store opening)
SWOT Analysis for Guz et Guzette
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