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Pro-version: CYSPA at ICT 2013 (v.2)

Video to be presented at ICT 2013, Vilnius

Barbara Pirillo

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Pro-version: CYSPA at ICT 2013 (v.2)

According to the World Economic Forum
there is an estimated 10% likelihood of a major critical information infrastructure breakdown
in the coming decade, which could cause damages of $250 billion
New approach is needed
"From viruses to theft of customer data,
threats have never been greater.
Fighting cyber-threats is a shared responsibility.

CYSPA equips IT providers with a unique network to sift out cybersecurity at 360° and more specifically per industry sectors."

PAZZAGLIA, Jean-Christophe, SAP
"CYSPA supports the dialogue between critical user industries, technical solutions providers, and cyber security research. In this context, CYSPA first of all acts as a supply of user industry insights and needs especially for research organizations."

JAKOBY, Andreas, Fraunhofer
"CYSPA offers access to a European community of transport actors working together to reduce the impact of cyber attacks on transport. In CYSPA, transport users can build a role model of best practices, shared at national and EU level."

“Being a member of CYSPA allows us to strengthen our relationships with user organisations across Europe, collaborate with a broad range of stakeholders to influence European policy and initiatives, and help to raise awareness of the need for good cyber security.”

WHITING, Arabella, BAE Systems Detica
Testimonials - Why did you join?
HOW does CYSPA achieve this?
focused on a sector per sector approach
Linking users and providers
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