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Business model canvas

No description

tara cetinski

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Business model canvas

Strategic alliance between non competitors

Real estate agent
Health services: Doctors, chiropractors, phsyios, podiatrists, optometrist, specialists, pharmacies etc.
Leisure centres: sporting clubs, tennis courts, gym and wellness centres
Schools & universities
Social/community groups
Charities: Salvation Army, St Vincent's
Advertising agency
IT agency

baby boomers
Recent retirees
People looking to relocate without the stress, organisation and challenges normally faced in this situation.
Multi-sided Platform
Focus on clients relocating intrastate (within NSW) and those relocating interstate into NSW.

Website, phone calls, emails and Skype
Face to Face client contact in order to develop relationships and understanding of how best to tailor their service.
Use of existing organisations and businesses in new location as contact points e.g. Realestate agents, Removalists.
Advertising - Print (e.g. Flyers)
Link in with key partners e.g. aged care providers, real estate agents, to be referred to potential customers
Automated services
Community communication
Communication with both clients and associated organisations and businesses
High customer relationship management > personal relationship to increase overall lifetime value of customer
Ongoing support activities
Trust is essential
Turn client to advocate - through positive experience, excellent service delivery, building customer relationships
Developing relationships with key partners in order for them to refer service
Cost reduction
Our service is a complete relocation package that offers our customers unlimited access to information about their new location
Our service removes the barriers that some may have about relocations. It empowers customers to follow their dreams
Customised for each customer based on their interests, requirements, needs and wants
Reduce the stress individuals associate with moving
Increases revenue and population of communities that clients are relocating too.

Fixed Pricing
Usage Fee - Based on how much the customer uses/requires.
Charge a fee for organisations (in the local communitieis) to be the "preferred" partner
Fees charged to engage in the service - currently nursing homes or in home aged care services charge 75% of the pension - so we would need to consider how much we charge - given the fact that many people will be relying solely on the aged pension
Pricing model - value-based model > making a clear case to the value offered to customers - pricing can be done in proportion to the value that we offer...value is making relocating process far easier
Transactional revenue mainly > unless we can offer ongoing service activities that generate future revenue
Brick and mortar (head office/store front)
Point of sale system (shop fronts)
Trademark business name
Register website domain (buy)
Customer database
IT/Marketing - (outsource)
Website/database/advertising/market research
Business loan - $250,000

Focusing on the importance of customer satisfation and personalised service
Fixed Costs
Salaries, facility maintenance, Copyright costs, Outsourcing (marketing and IT services)
Variable Costs
Various relocation packages
Economies of scale
Long term, through customer growth
Problem Solving
Communication and establishing relationships between key partners, clients and stakeholders
Consultancy service assisting customers to relocate by making connections and developing relationships
Service innovation - remain market leader, reduce costs, improve efficiency, effectiveness
Market research - define consumer wants/needs
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