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"Simplexity" - Jeffrey Kluger

No description

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of "Simplexity" - Jeffrey Kluger

How do you think you'd react in a state of emergency? How do you think those around you would react? Explain.
Objective: Learn how an author connects events and ideas together in cause-and-effect organization
Essay explains how differences in human behavior and conditions can make a simple process like evacuating a building very complex.
Simplexity = Simple + Complex
Cause and Effect
Science writers often use cause and effect organization to explain relationships between events and ideas.
Transition Words
Common transition words and phrases that signal and help to explain a cause-and-effect relationship.

As a result, because, cause, consequently, due to, for this reason, had the effect, if...then, since, so, therefore, thus, etc.
Journal: "Simplexity"
In your journal, list and explain four cause-and-effect scenarios in Kluger's essay. Consider how they add to the argument. Be sure to write in complete sentences.
"Simplexity" - Jeffrey Kluger
There are 5 critical vocabulary words for this text. Create a word web for each of them.
Critical Vocabulary
As you read "Simplexity," look for transition words that signal cause and effect. You will need to identify four cause and effect scenarios for homework.
Next Class: Constructed Response!
Write a paragraph of 9-12 sentences explaining how human behavior and variable conditions can affect a crisis situation, such as an evacuation (include Kruger's four cause and effect scenarios). Add your own thoughts about how you might react and evidence from real-life events.
Organize your paragraph this way:
1. Hook

2. Thesis (1 sentence) - this is the main idea of your paragraph (Stuck on thesis? Hint: Use the writing prompt to help you. Be sure to include title of the work and author!!!
Example: In his essay "Simplexity," Jeff Kluger describes how human behavior and other conditions can affect a crisis situation, such as an emergency evacuation."

3. 8 Body sentences -
Example 1 (2 sentences introducing the idea and explaining)
Example 2 - Ditto
Example 3 - Ditto
Example 4 - Ditto

4. Conclusion (1-2 sentences summarizing the main idea and adding your own thoughts)
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