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Sasser and Netsky Virus

No description

Jacob Sachs

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Sasser and Netsky Virus

Sasser and Netsky Virus
By: Brandon Jester & Jacob Sachs
"Sasser Net Worm Affects Millions." BBC News. BBC, 4 May 2004. Web. 2 Sept. 2015.
Strickland, Jonathan. "Worst Computer Virus 3: Sasser and Netsky." HowStuffWorks. How Stuff Work, n.d. Web. 02 Sept. 2015.
Sullivan, Bob. "Sasser Infections Begin to Subside." Security on NBCNews.com. NBC News, 5 May 2004. Web. 2 Sept. 2015.
How Much Damage did it Cause?
Had shut down major companies including the German postal service
Had infected many Fortune 500 companies
What Kind of Virus?
Both the Sasser and Netsky virus were worms
How was the Virus Sent?
The Sasser worm was spread by seeking out computers and forcing them to download the virus.
The Netsky worm spread through emails like most other worms. It also spread through Windows networks.
The Netsky virus self-replicated itself at a massive rate sending emails everywhere. This could cause a DoS.
How Many Computers did it Infect?
The Sasser and Netsky worm infected over a million computers.

How was the Virus
Who Created it?
The Sasser and Netsky virus was created by a german teen named Sven Jashcan who had spent no time in jail but had to server 1 year and 9 months on probation
A software patch was needed to be installed in order to protect the system
The only way to prevent yourself from being attacked was to use a firewalla and download a free computer cleaner until you could get the available patch
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