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Jalan Healthcare: Lose Weight Forever

Lose Weight Forever - without diets/exercises by correcting body metabolism.

Jalan Healthcare

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Jalan Healthcare: Lose Weight Forever

Jalan Healthcare: Lose Weight Forever
Obesity Dexa
DEXA (Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) is a means of measuring an individuals total body composition, by this we mean that it gives the exact description of your bodily fat, lean tissue, bone weight – in percentage as well in kilograms . It also gives a region wise distribution of these in different areas of the body making it clear as to what could be the further treatment procedure.
Contact Us
Office No.131 to 133, 1st floor,
Connaught place,
Bundgarden Road.
Pune – 411 001

+ 91 020 26160606, 26165555, 26165556

E-mail: info@jalanhealthcare.com
About Us
We are a healthcare company established in 2004 and have achieved tremendous success in the fields of disorders like obesity, diabetes & menstrual disorders with Homeopathic medical science.

We are unique in terms that we have incorporated traditional Homeopathic medical science with the modern diagnostic approach. We make sure that we provide treatments which are effective and at the same time without side-effects.
Weight Loss & Slimming
During our treatments:

You are allowed to eat all that you desire, NO DIETETIC RESTRICTIONS

We don’t count your calories – because excess calories don't make you fat

We do not advise any sorts of exercises or workout schedules.
Weight Loss Starvation

We need to understand the difference between fat and muscle in terms of energy requirement.

Fat is a tissue which requires negligible amount of energy when body is either active or non-active.
On the contrary muscle requires huge amount of energy when active and continue to require energy when non-active, we can say that even in the resting phase our muscles continue to consume energy.
Jalan Healthcare: Weight Loss Tips
Obesity Diets
We have achieved results like, reducing weight even more than 11 Kgs in three weeks with Homeopathy and that to without any side effects. We deliver results and are committed on our work and understand how important health is.

We believe that Homeopathy is much more advanced & ahead of their time and need to be analyzed & reconsidered in regards to their potential and capabilities.
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