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Peter Rosenberg

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Communism

Everything is owned by the government and everyone is equal. In most countries where communism is implemented there i a party that leads the country and a single leader of the party.
Who has the power?
-Josef Stalin
-Bolshevik party

How Stalin obtained power?
-was appointed to serve on the Central committee of the Bolshevik party after Lenin was exiled.
-The Bolsheviks soon gained power of Russia.
-In 1924 Stalin gained complete control and became a dictator of the Soviet Union.
No, communism was not effective because the distribution of power didn't work for the way the political system was designed. Like the pigs in Animal Farm Stalin's regime was too greedy and defiled the form of government being implemented.
Background of Communism
When and where was the communism utilized?

-In Soviet Union.
-The system started under Lenin in 1917 after the Bolshevik Revolution.
-In 1924 Stalin took power.

Communism was originally created under the socialist Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles
The Point of Communism...
Communism was created to end capitalism and the systems which they recognized to be guilty of exploiting workers.
Who Has Power & How Do They Gain It...
Technically no one is the head of power in a Communist government. Communism is beneficial because the encompasses the full recognition of Human Freedom
When Was This System Used
This system was used in the Soviet Union from 1917-1991
- Stalin's five year plan.
-Took control of farms and factories.
-Reorganized the economy

Life in the Soviet Union
-Government had complete control of the media
Children were expected to join different organizations depending on age.
-Stalin had to be glorified.
-No divorces

Living standards
-health care became more available.
-Homes were very small.
-Sports were encouraged
_People with a good talent were often killed.
Communist Russia
Soviet Union
under Stalin
Results to the changes
-Protestors faced immediate death or a relocation to a prison camp.
-Ineffective production.
The Political System
Was communism effective?
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