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Edward Utter

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of Prezi

Getting Started
Getting Prezi
Account: http://prezi.com/pricing/
Getting the App (if you're using a tablet)
Don't pay for things you shouldn't have to! There's a
option here that everyone should use.
Prezi themes are all about
Prezi themes are
- they don't work for as broad a range topics as themes in Google or PowerPoint, which are more general.
Picking the Theme that's right for you is important - this theme works for this presentation because we are:
Making fun of Prezi's "adventurous" image
Exploring something totally new
It probably wouldn't work as well for a presentation on, say, quadratic equations.
Modifying Elements
Changing something in a Prezi Presentation can sometimes be frustrating.
Because anything can be a frame, and we can write anywhere (frames can even overlap!), it can be hard to click on or select the element you want to.
The Insert Tool allows you to add voice-overs, images, music, arrows, layouts, and so on. It's a lot like the insert menu in Google Slides.
The Customize Tool enables you to modify the theme itself, so it's similar to the slide master
Be aware that you can also modify theme elements to some extent, or add your own. Prezi's themes are specific, but you can add your own frames, layouts, and backgrounds.
What Can We Learn?
Prezi is a simple but powerful tool. All presentation software is useful for making presentations, but some programs are skewed differently than others.
Google Slides is simple, and puts the focus on collaboration and clean design
PowerPoint is complex, and puts the focus on giving the user many options to make the presentation they want to make
Prezi focuses on aesthetics and flow, emphasizing the big picture and the way different elements interact.
A Comprehensive Guide Adventure
Even Still,
Prezi is a "fun" software that looks good, but it's not taken as seriously as others out there.
Use it as intended, and your presentations will benefit from it.
Frames are effectively equivalent to slides, and are used to set up transitions in Prezi. There are four types:
Invisible Frames
Unlike slides, you can see
multiple frames at once
. This is why Prezi is so good for
Showing a big picture
Giving a sense of how your ideas relate to one another.

Symbols and Shapes
Prezi has a built in symbols and shapes library that can be accessed by going to
insert --> symbols and shapes.
Because all of these are made by the same designers, they flow well together in a presentation. This makes them great tools for building

Virtually anything can be a frame in Prezi, if we want it to be!
I added this shape using the

tool, found in the bottom left corner of the screen (on computers - tablets lack this tool)
The trick here is to zoom in or out. If you're zoomed in or out too far, Prezi assumes you don't want to work with that element.
Try zooming in or out a bit, and mousing over a frame until it lights up. That's about the range you'll want to be at.
This may seem annoying at first, but it enables you to do stuff like this!
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