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Talking Eggs

No description

huitzi del real

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Talking Eggs

Talking Eggs
Main Characters
Blanche~ A sweet, pure hearted girl.
Mama~ A bitter, cold, selfish widow. The mother of Blanche.
Rose~ Much like Mama; selfish, mean. The sister of Blanche.
(the) Old Lady/Aunty~She is very helpful, wise, and magical!
Talking Eggs~ Magical beings who say only 1 phrase, depending on what kind of egg. The fancy jeweled ones say, "Don't take me!". The plain ones say, "Take me!".
On a hot day, Mama and Rose were sitting on their porch fanning themselves, while Blanche was busy doing chores. Mama sent Blanche to the well to get ome cool water.
At the well, Blanche found a weary elderly woman who was almost dying of thirst. Blanche told her, "Drink what you need" and the mysterious woman left into the woods.
When Blanche came back with the water, her mother and sister yelled at her for taking so long. Rose was drinking when she yelled, This water's so warm, it's near boilin',". Mama screamed at her and Blanche cried and ran into the woods.
As she ran into the woods and she came across the old woman. The old woman asked, "What's made you cry so, poor child?" Blanche told her everything. The old woman, now referred to as "Aunty", invited her to her home, but she had to promise not to laugh. When she got there, she saw the most bizzare things; 2-headed cows, multi-colored chickens, and Aunty take her (Aunty, not Blanche) head off. After being such a good guest, Aunty awarded Blanche by giving her these instructions- "Go to the chicken house. Any eggs that say, "Take me" you go ahead and take. But if you here any that say, "Don't take me" you leave them be. When you get near home, throw those eggs one after the other over your left shoulder so they break in the road behind you. Then you'll get a surprise." Blanche did as she was told to and recieved much good fortune; fancy clothes, jewelery, gold, and a horse carriage.
In the end of the story, Rose went to go see Aunty and was told to follow the same instructions as Blanche. She was told not to laugh at what she saw and she failed. She laughed when she saw all of those bizarre animals. Once Aunty told her to go get the eggs, she took the ones encrusted with precious stones. Even though those eggs told her, "Do NOT take me," she was so ignorant and blinded with greed, that she took them for herself. When she dropped them over her shoulder, only bad things appeared. Rose and Mama were chased until they returned home, where they discovered that Blanche went to the city to become a grand lady.
The moral of the story is mainly not to judge a book by it's cover. Also, to be good and honest at heart.
Presented by Sam, Logan, Huitzi, Anjanette, And Tim
The second moral is that if you do good, you are rewarded. If you do bad, you are punished. In other words, karma.
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