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Computer Crimes Act 1997 in Malaysia

No description

aaron patterson

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Computer Crimes Act 1997 in Malaysia

Computer Crimes Act 1997
in Malaysia

What is Computer Crimes Act 1997 ?
The Act aims to provide for offenses
relating to the misuse of computers
Unauthorized access to computer material
Unauthorized access with intent to commit or facilitate
commission of further offense
Unauthorized modification
of the contents of any computer
Wrongful Communication
Abetments and attempts
To promote a high level of consumer confidence and to protect the information security and network reliability and integrity
Why it is exists?
any person who secures access (hacking) without authority can be liable for an offence
a person commits an offense under S3 above; but this time with intention to commit fraud or act dishonestly (hacking with intent to commit fraud etc)
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
A person shall be guilty of an offense if he communicates directly or indirectly a number, code, password or other means of access to a computer to any person other than a person to whom he is duly authorized to communicate.
A person who abets the commission of or who attempts to commit any offense under this Act shall be guilty of that offense.
It is also a legal framework to facilitate the development of ICT systems by countering the threats and abuses of cyber crimes
Section 6
Offenses of carrying out an act which will lead to the modification of computer contents. Basically this can be described as the Computer Virus offense. If you send a virus to someone else, you may be guilty of this offense.
By: Aaron Patterson
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