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The Ultimate Ottoman Empire

Aaron, Ashton, Julia, Jacob

Aaron Vincent

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of The Ultimate Ottoman Empire

Jacob,Julia ,Ashton, Aaron The Ultimate Ottoman Empire We sided with the central powers in World War one, which consisted of the German Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kingdom of Bulgaria, and us. Foreign Interactions Crossroads of trade between the East and West
Exports were tightly controlled
When Bayezid II became the Sultan, he built a powerful navy to help protect merchant ships and prevent piracy. This greatly increased trade by sea in the Ottoman empire Economy One of the most powerful states in the world during the 15th and 16th centuries

Spanned for 600 years


Dominated by Turks, but also included many other ethnic minorities Persians suck!! persians suck!! Morale was very low in the Persian army. Most of the troops weren't even Persian! They were soldiers that the Persians had captured from other battles, so they weren't fighting for there own empire.

The Persian troops wore little or no armour in to battle, making them much easier to kill Persians (nice skirts) ROMANS The Romans had inexperienced, power hungry generals that were more concerned with themselves then the good of the army.

Corrupt polititions

The empire did not have enough troops to defend all of its borders Lost organization after the death of Genghis Khan

Ogedei Khan was a passive and self indulgent leader

Religious and political differences within the empire caused mistrust and contributed to the fall of the Mongols MONGOLS Immense empire stretching across three continents
40.3 millions square miles GREEKS Russians they had to much land to cover so they couldn't defend as well HI Size Aztecs Smallpox wiped out many Sacrificed there own people, who could have helped them fight the Spanish
of the Aztec population

The Aztecs were highly disadvantaged in terms of weaponry, they had no firearms, and very basic melee weapons

They also had no horses which were a big part of fighting when they were an empire Russians they had to much land and not enough troops so it was hard for them to defend all of their borders
Nicolas II was to cocky, which caused their armies to lose battles

He was also out of touch with the common people which made it difficult for him to rule with the peoples best interests k Military/Warfare GUNPOWDER!

FIRST to use cannons as a weapon of attack

Bows, arrows, and spears Population Approximately 15,000,000! Government Highest government position was the Sultan
The Ottomans form of government was absolute monarchs
Every person in the Empire had a unique job to do in the government and society.
A step below the Sultan were a small group of wealthy, esteemed leaders,who were ascribed special status because they were pretty much the Sultan's "slaves". The main duties of this select little group were to protect and enlarge the financial assets of the state for the benefit of the Sultan and the Empire. Religion Tolerant of all religions
Even though the Ottomans were Muslims they did not force their religion on others
Islam initially accepted the existence of other monotheistic religions Ming Dynasty They were raided time and time again by the Manchu tribe, causing them to lose a lot of land

Peasant revolts inspired rebellion and lowered morale in the empire

Government had an inability to collect taxes without the help of the locals Background Information GUNPOWDER BEFORE THE PERSIANS! The Ottoman empire had gunpowder before the Persians

If someone with a sword attacked someone with a gun who do you think would win? Think about that Persia! Suleiman Known to the Europeans as Suleyman the MAGNIFICENT!

At the age of 26 in 1520, he became the tenth sultan of the Ottoman Empire

Ruled for 46 years Greeks City state system
When attacked by Rome, all of their allies abandoned them
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