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Version E


Farhan Qureshi

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Version E

Unique and Effective Approach to Sustainability Relevant Market Potential and Product Life of the Invention within Staples' Target Business
FUNCTIONALITY Originality of Concept Ability to Manufacture and Distribute the Invention to the Mass Market Effectively and in a Sustainable Way Degree to which Invention is Free of Risks to Staples and Staples' Customers SUSTAINABLE APPROACH MARKET POTENTIAL EASE OF MANUFACTURE Invention's overall function and benefits ORIGINALITY RISK AND SAFETY Presentation Paper organisation Cable management 2 piece mould with core Wire Shields Colour Coding Tidy Up Cables Injection moulding Proven manufacturing methods No dangerous substances No assembly required Ready to go Short lead time Predictable Inexpensive Time efficient Versatile Miscellanous uses Keyrings Rego Fixings Chains Bag Ties Good Afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen Global Ecoeasy Challenge April 2010 Preliminary Research Market research/ Needs Assessment Group discussion Customer survey Judging Criteria Analyze Data No sharp edges Binding Folders Attachment Students Engineers Computer Scientists User Chooser Approach Simple Mechanism Versatile Economic Sustainability Environmental Sustainability Assignments, Reports, Presentations etc. Reuse for each document Meeting late deadlines Power Cables Network Cables Computer Builds Mounting Modules to Vehicles Mechanical Systems Fluid Pipes Product Function Benefits Easy to Use Quick Affordable Capable DIY Christopher Chare Kai Cen David Chau Farhan Qureshi Problem Formulation DIY Quick Easy Cheap 100%
Recycled Nylon 66 CO 2eq Existing product data A Software Based Modelling Method Global Warming Potential Carbon Equivalent Values Output IPCC 2007 100a V1.01 Input Life Cycle Assessment Material
End of Life
Unit Function
Design Goals 80%
time Low cost Existing Infrastructure Competitive DEMOSTRATION BIND Do. It. Yourway
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