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Unit 12, P5,P6,M3,D2.

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Jenna Sharkey

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of Unit 12, P5,P6,M3,D2.

Unit 12, P5,P6,M3,D2.
P5 - explain health promotion and health protection.
Health promotion is reference to the things that make people aware of the health risks that they could face if they choose to do something that isn't good, for example campaigns, education in schools and assemblies and talks by professionals or people who have been affected by the situation.

Communicable and non-communicable.
Communicable diseases are diseases that are air born. They can be also They can be easily transferred between one person and another.
Comminicable disease - cold.
The common cold is a communicable disease. This is because it can be passed from person to person and it is air born.
There is many things that can protect you and others from getting this disease. There is things like sneezing and coughing into a tissue. This makes sure that the bodily fluids do not stay in the air and affect somebody else. It is a fact that a sneeze can reach up to the length of three elephants, therefore by catching you are preventing anyone from getting infected. It is also believed that bey taking vitamin C supplements it can reduce the risk of you getting a cold. This has been tested and tried by the NHS and they have found that by taking vitamin C supplaments it reduces the lenght of time that you have th cold however does not competely protect your from it. The NHS have said that the best way to prevent a cold is to have a healthy lifestyle. They also advise people to have good hygine and keep hands. This is because if somebody has sneezed on their hand and they then touch a door knob this can then transfer onto your body. it is also advised that you dont touch your mouth or eyes with your hands, this is because if you do have the virus on your hands, it will then have access to get in your body.
Health protection is something that could stop you from getting the disease. For example immunizations, screenings and healthy lifestyle.
Non-communicable diseases are diseases that cannot be transferred between people.
Which catagory does it go in?
heart attacks.
chicken pox.
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