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Egypt 101

All about the luxurious egyptian culture

Kendra Bullock

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Egypt 101

Double click anywhere & add an idea Global Location About Padraic Colum
Padraic Colum was born on December 8, 1881.
Dies in Enfield, Connecticut on January 11, 1972.
Moved to the United States in 1914 and stayed there for 8 years.
Published a total of 61 books throughout his lifetime.
Osiris and Isis
An Egyptian Myth
Author:Padraic Colum

By: Kendra Bullock
&& Ivette Bibian

1-2-3 Activity!
Now that we're at the
of our project, we need
you guys to get out a sheet
of paper and do this activity!
Okay what you do is write
down: 3 things you learned,
2 things you'll share, and 1
thing you want to know more
http://bulfinch.englishatheist.org/hud/Orpheus.html#OSIRIS Osiris and Isis Summary Osiris was a very early ruler and was very popular among his subjects. His brother Set was jealous and plotted agianst Osiris. Set made a coffin just Osiris's size, presented it and said it goes to whoevr fits it. When Osiris fit it he locked it with molden lead and through it in the nile. Isis went and found him and hid him until she could bring it back for a proper burial. Set found him and scattered his body around Egypt. Isis searched and reassembled him. In some accounts it is said that Isis breathes life back into Osiris and thats when they have their son Horus. Literary Terms: Tragedy Myths Quest Moral Lesson The tragedy in this myth is the death of Osiris. A traditonal or legendary story without a nature of explanation. A journey or a search for something or someone. The quest in this myth is when Isis searches for her late husband to give him a proper burial. They had moral lessons with the relationships between fathers and sons, and husbands and wives. Chicken Kofta Chicken Kofta was made for those who don't eat red meat.
It is also found as a meal in the Indian Culture as well as Egyptian Culture. Egyptian Chocolate Cake This is like a regular chocolate cake, but they made a cinnimin whipped cream paste to take the place of icing.
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