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The Presidents Job

No description

Bethany Greb

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Presidents Job

The President's Job Commander in chief The responsibilty of presidents has grown greatly since George Washinton was in office. Chief Executive Presidents own and do many important things. Chief Diplomat The president is both a national spokesman and a world leader. He tries to keep peace with other parts of the world. Ceremonial Head Of State Presidents are respected and get their own personal airplanes, concerts, etc. Manger Of the Economy We expect the president to maintain prosperity, resolve disruptive strikes, keep employment full, and the various markets healthy. Even though his power to the economy is vey limited. Party Leader When creating a constitution the creators thought they would be above political parties. As we know this is not true. National Leader The main quality we use to judge a president's tenure' in office is leadership. Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson made many important decisions to help map out America. Abraham Lincoln In 1862 Lincoln drafted and issued the Emancipation proclamation, freeing slaves. Theodore Roosevelt He had a love of nature and once he became president put millions of dollars into forest reserves, 16 national monuments, and 51 wildlife refuges. Franklin D. Roosevelt He was a great leader, he inspired many, and he brought America through a dark depression. John F Kennedy He set the goal of landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade, and ensured his committment to an expensive space program. Lyndon B. Johnson He made important civil rights laws. In 1964 outlawed discrimination in employment, 1965 voting rights act, 1986 act barring discrimination in housing THE END
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