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corporate and promotional video production

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Piers Howe

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of corporate and promotional video production

Purposes of a Corporate and Promotional Video:
It is a video produced and published by a corporation used as a communication and networking device for potential clients and/or current members of the corporation.
It will not be broadcasted publicly but the corporate video will be shown to a specific market and a select group of people or would be sent to the select group of people.
These corporate videos will always have a specific function and purpose and already have a target audience.
Defining the Purpose of a Corporate and Promotional Video
Understanding and knowing the purpose of a video programme is key to when making important decisions to the style. These programmes are produced generally to inform as well as to entertain.This does not mean to say that an informative video cannot be entertaining or whether an entertaining piece can not hold or provide information. As the video will be specific to its specific audience, the better the use of both visible entertainment and information, the better, the programme.

The most common use for a corporate and promotional video is to provide
information. This can be used to answer a lot of needs that the
organisation may have whether it be internal for the members and
employees or external, for the consumer.
Product Launch/Marketing - external selling of a product, brand or service, not so different to adverts.
Promotion and introduction of ideas, used to communicate between parties. most commonly used in political and charity groups.
Internal communications inside the corporation, to the potential and current clients to sell and pitch ideas
Training purposes for inside the corporation for the employees and members. would be screened in conference and training day compulsory to the current work staff.
Can be used in conferences to introduce and inform the audience. Used to set the atmosphere and information up, to make it clear for the audience.
Used in all types of events for coverage, typically in documentaries to inform and explain the event, which is produced and hosted by a company or brand for more sponsorship and recognition. It can also used to promote the brands or company events.
Can be used to enhance and promote the corporation or brand further by creating new animations. this can be logos and create the brands identity.
Exemplar videos showing the different functions and purposes of Corporate and Promotional Videos
Codes and Convetions of Corporate and Promotional Videos
Corporate and Promotional Video Production
The codes and conventions of corporate and promtional videos will depend on what the goals are that the company or brand have set out by producing their chosen video. This will also vary due to the selected consumer to target with the corporate program. The cinematography and sound has to follow the codes and conventions to keep the consumer attracted.
Animation and Graphics
Animation and graphics can help build an identity for the corporation or brand and create a USP for the corporation or brand to help promote the company.
It can be used to create logos as well as to include more information in the video as well as credits. This can help the company get more clients and gain recognition.
Using graphics can help to include and hold more
information to make the video clear and easy to follow.
Cinematography and Editing
The cinematography can help increase the quality of the programme. Using a variety of different shots can increase the quality of video, and having good cinematography can add interest to what you want to focus on.
The way in which the video is edited can change the mood and atmosphere of the video. Moreover it can make the video persuasive, to interest the audience.
technology and social networking sites
The ever developing technology and media communications industry has changed the way corporate videos are published and consumed. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have a part to play in this change, due to the way in which people can communicate on a very large scale and is very accessible to anyone and everyone. It can make publishing a video very easy to be accessed by a huge number of people through these sites and can become viral hits across the internet. Using technology and social networking sites allows corporations to gain access to a lot of different things. Sites like YouTube can be used to publish corporate videos, as YouTube is a global website visited by millions of people daily. This has had an effect on how people view corporate videos and brands, and corporations end up needing YouTube channels and Facebook accounts to promote their brand/company.
Codes and Conventions
Sound plays an important part in a good corporate video. For example using a good soundtrack can increase the atmosphere and enhance the program further, as well as keeping the consumer interested as you promote your company further increasing the chances of new clients and/or share holders.
Using interviews can help gain more information, and using good questions. Having clear and high quality sound helps to keep the video personal and further enhances the video to advertise and promote your company.
Narration can be useful in a corporate video. It is important to keep the target audience and goals you want to achieve through creating a
corporate video in mind.
Sound can be used to help separate each section as
well as/or increasing the information.
The Production Process
Pre-Production -
Just like Film and Television in the pre-production stages you have to create storyboards, scripts, risk assessments recces and other pre-production documents.
The reasons are so that all members of the production team know their roles and responsibilities. And people know what the plan and the locations they are going to film. It is also for health and safety reasons for all of the crew.
Production -
In the production stages you film off-site locations and get your chosen talent to be in the video and will bring in (if required or have done so) your experts or presenters.
Post Production -
This is where you will start to edit the image material to create the final piece and add the sound of the music, narrations, voice overs, soundtracks and compositions. You will also add the graphics and animations created for the programme. There will also be a stage where you go over the captured footage and make sure there is nothing you have to re-shoot, and if there is you do it.
Lamborghini Reventon Roadster (Product Launch/Marketing
This video would be used to promote and publisise the car, the video shows the car being a typical "Lamborghini" being: fast, popular and exotic. The video would be used like any other similar video. It would be used in a presentation to people outside the car manufacturer but also to the members of the car manufacturer. It will explain the car and make sure it will be released to the general public. The ways in which it would be promoted to the public would be in and during car shows and car meets like the 'Geneva Motor Show' as well as/or car forums like Piston Heads, through Lamborghini's page and through their representatives on the forum.
Introduction Video
This would probably be used in a conference promting the phone or this concept of a phone targeting the companies board to make the phone, or investers to help fund the prodcution of the phone or the commercialisation of the phone.
The video explains and shows all of the features of the phone and what it can do and with out dialogue, this helps the presenter to explain further while the video plays on and allows the presenter or spokesperosn to also get further information from the video to help with the pitch.
It helps to introduce what the conference or pitch is about while promoting the product further.
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