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Songhai Empire

No description

MacKenzie Stevens

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Songhai Empire

Songhai Empire By: Cortney Elmy,
Rachel Ablan,
MacKenzie Stevens Modern African countries that encompass the songhai Empire today are... Time Period -Mali, Niger,
Senegal, Guinea,
Burkina Faso,
Nigeria, The Gambia,
Benin, and Mauritania 1340-1591 A.D. Resources for Trading Gold, Religious Artifacts, Practical Crafts Goods That Were Exchanged
For Their Resources Gold, Kola Nuts, Slaves for Salt, Cloth, Cowries, and Horses Influential Rulers -Sunni Ali -First Emperor
-conquered states around songhai and rest of Mali Empire
- Created largest empire seen by Africa
-repelled attacks from the Mossi Kingdom
-took Town of Djenne
-Took Timbuktu and killed many Askia The Great -organized territories conquered by Sunni Ali
-extended power for south and east
alliances he had helped him conquer
-opened religious schools, mosques
tolerant of other religions, didn't force Islam on his people
-many astronomers and conservatories
he had an interest in astronomical science
-encouraged trade
-established bureacracy (responsible for tax collections and administration of justice)
-had canals built
enhance agriculture - increased trade
-added weights/measures and inspectors to trade centers
-salt mines built
-got old, power declined Influences on the kingdom from contact with traders -Islam spread
Koran, written language, brought by Arab merchants Were the influences assimilated? yes they accepted Islam The Changes These Ideas Brought... -Prayed 5 times a day
-Giving to the poor Examples of Art, Music, and Artifacts Terabebas
Mats and blankets
Tomb of Askia (pyramid shaped structure)
coins and necklaces Decline of The Empire Fell in 1591 A.D. after invasion by a Morocean
army led by sadi sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur
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