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Open Hole Gravel Pack

No description

Ahmed El-Ghandour

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Open Hole Gravel Pack

Ahmed El Ghandour 900080749 Presented by:
Presented to:
Dr. Gamal Gouda
Open Hole Gravel Pack is an undesirable process that is characterized by the migration of sand from the formation to the well bore area Sand Production Azerbaijan
Deep water areas of the Gulf of Mexico
North Sea
Parts of Alaska Some sand production prone reservoirs are found in: Reservoirs prone to sand production are characterized by:
A permeability of 0.5 to 8 darcies.
Young and shallow reservoir rock. isks: Damages envirnoment.
Damages equipment.
Decreases production rate. Tonnes of sand could be produced in days or hours In some wells, tonnes of sand are produced per day.
Disposing of sands filled with hydrocarbons in an environmentally responsibly ways represents additional challenges. Blocks tubulars.
Damages valves
Damages the seperator
Erodes equipment riggered by: Differential pressure between reservoir and wellbore.
Drag forces related to Fluid Viscosity.
Drag forces related to Fluid Velocity. Fluctuation in production rates.
Change in Gas Liquid Ratio.
Water Production. revention is better than cure. Sand Control Types of sand control:
Open hole gravel pack
Closed hole gravel pack
Cased hole frac pack
Stand alone screen
Selective and oriented perforation
Resin coated gravel pack
Expandable sand screen How to choose the proper sand control technique? Open Hole Gravel Pack Advantages:
Disadvantages: How is it deployed? Is the application of techniques and the installation of equipment to prevent sand production. 1
5 Pressure profile of the wellbore. Size and quality of sand. Possibility of sand production.
Data from nearby wells Experience Well orientation. First, pump fluid with a velocity up to 300 ft/min, to ensure hole cleaning. Second, pick gravel pack assembly and Run in hole to the setting depth. Third, circulate brine. A slurry of accurately sized gravel in a carrier fluid is pumped into the annular space between the centralized screen and the open hole. No casing or liner is used.
Section below the casing is usually underreamed.
Prevents sand production. High cost.
Not recommended in the presence of clays.
Minimal inflow/outflow control.
P&A is difficult.
Consistent acces to the wellbore.
Control of sand production while maintaining high permeability flow path. Thank You
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