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The Math behind Football

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Gauri Prabash

on 12 August 2016

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Transcript of The Math behind Football

Math behind in the Game
Football is one of the most popular sports in the world today. In the game there are two teams each consisting of 11 player that aim to score the most goals in 90 minutes while following a certain set of rules. Players can use their entire bodies, except their hands, to move the ball around the playing field. Each team has a goalie who is allowed to use their hands to stop the ball when an opposing team tries to shoot it into the net.
Most people would think that math has nothing to do with Football but contrary to popular belief math is extremely important in Football like many other sports such as basketball or cricket. Let’s learn how math is used in Football!!!

At first glance Football and Math have very little in common, however if u have a closer look u will realize that Football is largely affected by math, it’s found in the field, in the football itself and while playing the game. Football is a wonderful sport that can be mastered if learnt the techniques and concepts of math .In short Football uses math in almost every aspect of the game and it is important for the players to be good mathematicians to have a better chance of winning.
Maths behind in the Field
Math behind in the Ball
The shape of the ball is spherical so that there are smooth edges which causes the ball to roll further, if it had been another shape such as a cube then it wouldn’t roll further.
A Football consists of 32 panels; 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons. The lengths of the sides of the hexagons and pentagons are same. The hexagons and pentagons are important as they fit like puzzle pieces to form the spherical shape of the ball. The official Football must have a conference between 27-28 inches.

The Math behind Football
Done by:Gauri Prabash
The field has dimensions of 120 yards by 75 yards, the goal box is 6 yards by 20 yards and the penalty box is 18 yards by 40 yards. The goal itself is represented by a bold line with the length of 8 yards.
Symmetry plays an important role in the making of the field. Each half of the field must be identical and this ensures that it’s fair for all of the players.
Football involves a lot of shapes in the field too such as corner arc, penalty area, goal area, halfway line, centre circle and more
negative and positive
Angles play a huge role in the game of Football. If the players know which angles to use it would benefit the game and increase the number of passes being complete. An attacker would use wider angles to get the ball rather than the direct route and passing of the ball in wider angles would reduce the chances of the opponent interrupting the ball. The goalie also relies on the properties of angles to know where to stand to defend a goal and probability to save him a penalty kick. To know whether it is better to stand closer or farther u must know angles and its properties very well.
Positive and negative integers are used to calculate the points of every game, depending if the play was a gain (positive points), or loss or a penalty kick (negative points). Counting of the points require addition and subtraction with integer skill.
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