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Why I love Dan Howell

This is what happens when I am bored and have nothing to do all day in the middle of summer... Hope you liked it. (P.S: If you watch ever video this will take you about 3 hours to go through.)

Jordin KP

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of Why I love Dan Howell

Why I love Dan Howell
As you can tell by the title of this, this is just some reasons why I love Dan Howell (AKA: Danisnotonfire), they are in no order because I can't pick what I love about him most .

Anyways, lets go!
#1: He's adorable!
#2:His smiles
#3:His bromance with Phil Lester
#4: His Dimples
#5: His eyes
Found this and had to add it xD
#6: His naturally curly hair
#7: The way he says "Hey Internet!"
#8: His mad piano skills
#9: His hats
#10: He's a mess, but we still love him
#11: His awkwardness.
#12: His Laugh
#13: His sexy end screen Dances
Yup.... I have a problem...
#14: He's a Danosaur
#15: All his Existential Crisis
#16: His and Phil's cat whiskers
#17: His love for Mario Kart 8
#18: His love for Delia Smith
#19: He is the master of making fake boobs
#20: The way he says Literally
#21: His obsession with Phil's mum
#22: His awesome pranking skills
#23: All of his Fails
#24: He can sort-of fit in a fridge
#25: He understands Fandoms
#26: When he tans, he tans like a mexican
#27: His ass. Come on, you got to love it!
I found this video and it scared me so that means I add it to my prezi.
#28: His procrastination
#29: His love of Maltesers
#30: His love of llamas
#31: His multiple Near Death Experiences
#32: His clumsiness
#33: He hates his neck being touched
#34: His Goose Impressions
#35: His hamster story
#36: His Krave Challenges
#37: The way he says "Zebra"
#38: All the memes he creates
#39: His hand hearts
#40: Dan is Dan and we will always love him no matter what!
There you go, 40 Reasons why I love Dan Howell. I thought i would share just because I really love Dan and I may have a slight problem with my obsession.

I hope you like it! And just so you know, i did not make any of these videos, I found them all on youtube so if you liked one go to youtube, find it and give it a thumbs up just because.

I also have a prezi on why you should love Phil. If you want to check that out, here's the link: http://prezi.com/8-qdtjw_zt5v/reasons-i-love-phil-lester/

Anyways, thanks for taking a look at my prezi and later!
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