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No description

Kiira Penttinen

on 27 October 2015

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This weirdo is my creator, Jacksepticeye.
Jack's childhood?
Jack was born in a bosspital (hospital) in Ireland on the 7th of february 1990, to a family of 6, making him the seventh member.

Jack lived in the country side when he was a child. He was best friends with his older sister, and he was pretty disappointed when she didn't really want to play video games with him. He discovered video games when he was around five, and since his brothers and sisters wouldn't play with him, his friends came over instead to play. His first gaming system was the Gameboy, and he had pokemon blue. His second was PS1 with Final Fantasy and all that good stuff.
Of course, Jack had to go to school. According to him he never failed anything but never really did super good in anything either, since his mind was elsewhere.

When he got older, he went to college for Music Technology (? that's a thing?) but never really finished. How ever... he completed Hotel Management (wth???) when he attended again later.
Anecdotes :D
When Jack was little, he loved to climb trees. Apparently he had a rope tied to a branch on one of them and pretended to be Spiderman.
Career :3
Around the time he went back to college and started studying hotel management, he discovered YouTube. He watched a few people and thought it was super cool and wanted to try it himself. He didn't start in gaming, he started by doing impressions, but then he discovered gaming.

After he uploaded his first video, things kinda just happened. People were able to connect with him and he'd built himself a small community.
English, biography project
Sean William McLoughlin is a famous Youtuber, most commonly known as Jack. With 6 million subscribers (and climbing), he isn’t the most popular youtuber yet, but he’ll be there soon.
(This video is 13 minutes long, so if you want to watch it look for my presentation on Prezi :3)
Hello! My name is Septiceye Sam, and I will be guiding you through this presentation.
At some point, someone told him PewDiePie was doing a shout out contest and that he should enter. He went for it, and just thought whatever and left it at that. A few days later, he got the news that he was one of the ten winners of the shout out contest and his subscriber number went up, and that pushed him to try harder at YouTube.
Jack got up in one of his videos, and yelled "YES I HAVE LEGS". At Pax Prime everyone found out that both Jack and Mark are about the same height. XD They look so tiny.
Pax Prime!!! XD
(on the left is Pewds, then Jack, then Mark, and then on the right is Cinnamontoastken! I wish I could've seen it live XD)
Jack has had many people tell him, and I know, that he has helped a lot of people through hard times in their life. He's taken part in many fundraisers and such to help disabled or lost people.

He's good at the heart ^.^
At least to some people ^.^
Jack isn't a historical figure. He hasn't changed the lives of billions, and he hasn't really done anything huge. He's just a guy, who wanted to do something cool. But, he is someone who's helped a lot of people get through lots of things. He may not be revolutionary, but not all great people are. He may not have had to sacrifice much to get to where he is, maybe not anything. He may not be Lincoln or M. L. King, but he still an important person.
When did u get there?
(Bibliography XD)
Jacksepticeye draw my life
jack liked climbing trees and thought he was spooderman
last bossotronian from bossatron
6 million subs with 2 billion+ views, 1.8 thousand videos, and 900,000+ followers on Twitter.
wait was i supposed to write my jotnotes? like, on paper?
Jack moved to his grandma's who lived in the middle of no where which was great for youtube! :D
XD So, he has a mom, dad, sister, brother, brother, sister, and then him.
Presenting, on monday, yay! not yay! i'm so not ready! :D
hold on, so... I lost my papers.
Jack be best friends with mark and poods and ken and bob, and wade!
XD you can't actually see my notes unless you go into edit mode! maybe i'll hide some secret slides :3
HAH! no i won't X3
Ok so lines, images, and matt black nailpolish....
I'm not sure how to write conclusions... help?
My bibliography won't have lines or a septiceye sam.
what is this???
agh i fail. I don't even take notes for my work!
YAYO! the slow mo guys. ;)
friday, friday...
its sunday!
monday... ugh
i'm sorry my notes are here mrs. brown, i just... idk
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