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Copy of Jabolcelo

No description

Maja Ilievska

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Jabolcelo

Main competitors
Key advertising problems to be solved
• No brand awareness
• No brand associations
• Undefined brand image

Target group
Customer insight
Customers are skeptic that the juice is 100%.
Who are we?
Jabolcelo juice

Made in Resen

100% natural
Why are we special?
Bag in box
Shady - natural look
No added sugar, water, colors, preservatives
External analyses
What do the customers think about Jabolcelo?
People liked its taste
Surprised reaction because of the shady natural look
Interesting packaging design
Reminding them of a traditional home made juice

Communication objectives:
• Building awareness
• Building brand image:

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to
pieces, I would still plant
my apple tree."
Martin Luther

• high quality
• original

Brand position
• trustworthy
• local
Event held on middle Vodno:
- Big Jabolcelo box juice
- Organized game
- Video
Creative campaign
BIG IDEA - Try not to believe!
Teasear with negative comments from FB
New billboard with reply from Jabolcelo with an invite for an event
Thank you for your attention
Media strategy
Reach the target audience
Geographic scope of the
placement - Skopje
Evaluation of effectiveness
Facebook statistics
Comparing sales
Природно си е природно!
Во соработка со природата!
Природата во срцето!
Не е сеедно!
Big idea?!
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