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2014-2015 Gateway Award Nominees

No description

Connie King

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of 2014-2015 Gateway Award Nominees

Gateway Award

With a Sci-fi
Computer Hacking & Technology
End of Days - Dystopian
Romantic Reads to Make you Weep!
Teens with Issues
Travis Stephenson is back home in Florida, on leave from Afghanistan where he has been serving on active duty as a U.S. Marine. The war has changed him, and upon his return, he is overwhelmed by his hometown, his friends, and his family. His ex-girlfriend is now dating his brother, his parents are splitting up because his dad is having an affair, and he's haunted by nightmares and hallucinations.School Library Journal

The night Kayla disappeared while delivering a pizza, Gabie was supposed to be on delivery duty and Drew took the order. As the days go by and hope for Kayla's safe return fades, Drew and Gabie draw closer together as they grapple with what they know must have been a horrible crime.

Born in a Russian orphanage, raised in New York, and living on the streets, Wallis Stoneman has always felt most secure relying on herself. But when events send her on a collision course with a killer from her own forgotten past, Wally must rely on others to find her family--and stay alive.
Hacker Jay Nazarro meets Nicole Castro in the school psychologist's office and is drawn to the mystery behind her bandaged face. Who would have reason to squirt battery acid on one of the school's most beautiful and well-liked girls? He secretly begins using his tech skills to uncover the answer and, in the process, finds many suspects. Booklist
A (his only name) has a secret. Each morning he wakes up in a different body and life. Sometimes he is a boy, sometimes a girl; sometimes he is gay, sometimes straight; sometimes he is ill, more often well. The only unchanging facts are that he is always 16, and it is a different persona he borrows each day.
Ember tries her best to stay under the radar and not be noticed. The U.S. has changed since the war and the bombings. It is no longer a country of freedom and tolerance; instead, sexism is disguised as morality. From life choices to clothing, men and women must adhere to strict gender roles. Ember's mother is arrested under Article 5, a law criminalizing the birth of a child out of wedlock. It does not matter that Ember was born long before the war. While her mother is in jail, the teen is sent to a reform school to make sure that her illegitimate birth has not polluted her beyond redemption. School Library Journal
After biological warfare kills all adults under sixty, teenage Callie takes responsibility for her little brother. In need of money, she rents her body to wealthy elderly people wanting to be young "for a little while."
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