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Mona Ghies

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Chromothearpy

Applications of Chromotherapy
Pink light
History of Chromotherapy
is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum (colors) of electromagnetic radiation to cure diseases.
History of Chromotherapy
The use of color therapy has been around for a very long time, with the earliest recording dated 2500 years ago, when, color halls were established for healing purposes all over ancient Egypt and China.
-Newton created the world’s first known color wheel
- Johann Wolfgang, began studying the healing effects of color almost 100 years later. He divided colors into two groups:(1-that caused sadness( 2-caused happiness
-Neils Finsen discovered the bactericidal action of energy from solar ultra-violet rays.
He also discovered that flesh wounds actually healed faster when they were placed under direct light.
-Edward Babbit the founder of color therapy principles.reated various ailments with the use of water that had been ‘infiltrated’ with the sun’s rays

is ruled by the Sun and is its color is therefore yellow.
Cinnamon and Clove are the herbs associated with Sunday.
Daily Color Healing :
certain days of the week relate to certain colors of the color wheel, as well as to different energies, vibrations, and herbs.
>>Monday <<
Is ruled by the Moon and corresponds with Blues and

Effecets of colors on body
Blue light

-it signifies calm, causes the body to produce calming chemicals
-enhances clear thinking
-found to be more effective and less hazardous ,thus it replaced full-light in blood transfusions
- has high calming effect as it saps the energy
--it used in prisons to reduce violence

Yellow light
-should be avoided as it's highly stimulating.
Orange light
- used to treat depression, as it happiness, joyousness effect
Red light
-is the strongest and the most emotionally color

Sun light
is a blend of 7 colors, different
colors are responsible for
releasing different hormones.
which keeps us
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