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harry (GRAND) katz

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Israel

Israel is ranked 77th in the world for literacy. 97.1% of the population is educated
Israeli high school graduates must pass an exam if they want to go to college.
75% of all high school 12th graders take the matriculation exam, but only 46% actually earn their certificate
Christian Arabs score higher than all other students on the exams
Major event from the past
Country Changes
6-day war (1967) Israel doubled its size.
Captured territories are the Golan Heights, West Bank and Sinai desert.
The Yom Kippur war was significant because it started on the holiest day of the year.

1939 Britain restricts Jews' migration to Palestine Territory
1948 Israel becomes a nation
1967 Israel defeats Egypt, Syria, and Jordan in the Six Day War.
1973 Peace talks between Israel and Egypt at Camp David
1973 Israel and Egypt go to war
1979 Egypt and Israel sign a peace treaty
1987 The Palestinian Intifada (uprising against Israel) begins
1995 Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin is assassinated
2005 Israel pulls soldiers and settlers out of Gaza and the West Bank
Thursday, May 22nd, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
One house legislature called the Knesset
Israel is a republic
There is a prime minister
A Prime Minister is head of the government
Israel has no Constitution
The government is formed from a coalition of several political parties
If one party leaves the coalition, they can force an election for a new Prime Minister
Israel's economy is very well developed
High Tech, Metals, Biomedical and Electronic Equipment and Agriculture are some of it's Exports
The Israeli Diamond industry is one of the largest in the world
It is nicknamed 'Silicon Wadi' (like California's Silicon Valley) due to the strength of it's software and technology industries
The GDP is 286 Billion US dollars
Currency and code is ILS, which is the Israeli Shekel
Israel has a strong agriculture industry, even though it's a 'desert' nation
Life Expectancy and Health Care
Literacy Rate and Education
Trade (Imports and Exports)
Machinery and equipment software, cut diamonds and military equipment are some major imports
Cosmetics are also a big industry in Israel. The minerals around the Dead Sea, which is the saltiest body of water on Earth, are turned into a lot of different make-up products
Judaica is also a big export from Israel as there are more Jews in Israel than any other country. Jewish items from Israel are also considered "more authentic"
Imports include raw diamonds, raw materials, grains, and consumer goods (clothing, appliances, household products)
Hebrew, Arabic, and English are the three most commonly spoken languages in Israel
Since Israel was established as a Jewish Homeland, there is a lot of Judaism that shows in Israel's culture
Israel has more museums per person than any other country in the world
Almost every city in Israel has it's own orchestra
Orthodox Judaism helps to shape a lot of Israeli law and culture
Israel is also home to many nomadic tribes that function outside of the established cities and towns
Kibbutzim and Moshavim are smaller villages and towns that work on barter and trade. Everyone contributes to make the village successful and productive
Israel does not have a national religion
Religions freedom is protected by law
Judaism is the most common religion. 75% of the population is Jewish
Islam is the second most common religion with 17% of the population being Muslim
Christianity is a distant third with 2%
Israel celebrates all Jewish holidays. Some of these are Rosh Hashanah (New Year), Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), Pesach (Passover), and Simhat Torah (Reading the end of the Bible and starting over at the beginning), Hanukkah (Reclaimation of the Temple in Jerusalem in 70CE, Sukkot (Harvest), and Purim (A Celebration of Escaping Persecution during Persian Rule)
Shabbat, the sabbath, is celebrated from sundown Friday night until sundown Saturday night
Many of the national holidays are also Jewish holidays
Israel also celebrates Islamic and Cristian holidays, but many are not national holidays
Israel has a very unique holiday to mark the Holocaust that happened during World War II. On Yom Ha'Shoah, the day of remembrance, sirens are sounded for two minutes throughout the entire country. Even people driving on the highway will stop their cars and stand silently for the time the sirens sound.

Israel's biggest national sport is football, but we call it soccer
Basketball is also extremely popular. Tel Aviv has the most successful team
Native Foods
Israels' time zone is 2 hours away from the Prime Meridian (Zero Degress Longitude)
Israel is 9 hours East of Chicago
Israel time is 9 hours head of Chicago
Physical Geography
Natural Resources
The sea of Galilee is Israel's fresh water source
They have and use the dead sea because of its high concentration of minerals in the water and surrounding sand
Timber and Natural Gas are also some of Israel's natural resources, but in limited amounts
Israel imports natural resources from a lot of other countries
Climate and Seasons
Israel has two major climate regions
The North is cooler and is the only area that will get rain. The rain only falls in the Winter in the North
The South is mostly desert. Temperatures can reach as high as 115 degrees in the Summer and still go below freezing in the Winter.
Some cities in Southern Israel get as little as 1" of rain each year
The North of Israel might see temperatures as high as 90 degrees, but the Winters only go as low as 45 degrees
3 Major Cities
Jerusalem is the largest city in Israel. It has a population of less than one million, which makes it roughly the size of Indianapolis, Indiana
Tel Aviv is the second largest city. It is also the most modern with the most high rise building.
Haifa is third largest and is also the most popular beach town in Israel
Israel has districts, which are very similar to the counties within Illinois. One large city and many smaller cities are inside one district
Relative Location
Absolute Location
Jerusalem is located at 31 degrees 46 minutes North and 35 degrees 12 minutes East
The Southern most city of Elat is 29 degrees 55 minutes North and 34 degrees 95 minutes East.
The Northern most tip of Israel is 33 degrees 15 minutes North
Water Sources
The sea of Galilee is Israel's only fresh water source.
Rain only falls in the North and only during Winter
Water Engineering (pipelines) are used to get water South to the Negev Desert
Fresh water is created by filtering the water from the Mediterranean Sea, which is a salt water sea
David Ben-Gurion was the first Prime Minister
Golda Meir was a female prime minister who invited the president of Egypt to discuss peace.(3)
Menachem Begin and president Anwar Sadat sign peace treaty and are awarded Nobel peace prizes.(3)
Work Cited
Israel in Full Color, Tim Jarrel
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Israel, Enchantment of the World, Martin Hintz
A Promise Fulfilled, Howard Greenfeld
Homeland, Marv Wolfman, Mario Ruin and William J Rubin
Interesting Facts
Their national anthem is Hatikvah (The Hope).
The Israeli flag was designed 51 years before the nation existed.
In 2002 66% of Israelis had cell phones.
In 1897 when the idea of modern Israel was discussed the country's of Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, didn't exist either
Israel hosts its own international sports competition, named for the hero of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. These are the Maccabee Games.
Average Life Expectancy is 81.76 years
Women's average is 84 years.
Men's average is 80 years, 4th highest in the world
Israel has a National Health Care System
All Citizens must pick between one of four plans, and all pay premiums to the state.
The health care plans are basically the same, but offer different availability of services depending on where you live.

Israel is in surrounded by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea
It is in Asia at latitude 31 degrees 30 minutes. This is the same latitude as the border between Florida and Georgia
The far Eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea is where you will find Israel
Hummus (Ground chick peas blended with olive oil)
Pita (Flat bread that opens into a pocket when cut in half)
Falafel (Ground chick peas rolled into balls and deep fried). Often eaten like a sandwich using a Pita pocket for the bread
Shwarma (Seasoned chicken, lamb or beef)
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