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Arizona Law SB 1070 Pros & Cons

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Patrick Jacques

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Arizona Law SB 1070 Pros & Cons

Arizona law SB 1070 I am against the the Arizona SB 1070 law because I believe that it is Unconstitutional for a person to be stereotyped and search just for the way they look. Ineffective Federal Immigration enforcement Against Arizona Law SB 1070 Similar legislation in other States Racial Profiling Bad Economics Some people might believe that the federal governments stand on illegal immigration is too weak and that states need to take it into their own hands and step up protection of borders. Better Protection of Borders Someone who is for this law might saw that byt he government taking things into their own hands by passing this law that law agencies will be able to keep better control of the border. The reason it would be better is because more local law enforcement would be able to step up instead of leaving it all for border patrol. By Arizona passing this law SB 1070 someone people might say that this has paved the oath for future laws in other states to do the same. The reason they would say this is good is because it allows the U.S. to take control of the epidemic of illegal immigration. Unconstitutional Someone who's against this law would argue that these illegals are taking the jobs of actual American citizens who need them the most. They would also say that by the Illegal immigrants taking these jobs and not paying taxes it is hurt the already struggling American economy and making it harder for legal citizens to stay afloat. For Arizona Law SB 1070 This law is racially profiling Hispanic in Arizona because 30% of Arizona's population is Hispanic and they might find this profiling just because of their skin tone. Another reason this is a bad law is because there are no guild lines as to what the police officers are going o be looking for when stopping a random person to see if they're legal or not. This is going to create problems like racial profiling. This law is unconstitutional because law enforcement is given the right to search anyone they believe is illegal. By doing this any Police officer can jail someone for nothing having documentation of citizenship no matter what you look like.
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