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Copy of Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

An introduction to Microsoft OneNote.

Erica Richards

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Microsoft OneNote Tutorial

Microsoft OneNote
OneNote 2007, 2010, and 2013
Microsoft OneNote (formerly called Microsoft Office OneNote) is a computer program for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It can gather user's notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, and audio commentaries and share them with other users of Microsoft OneNote over the Internet. It is part of the Microsoft Office suite, and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X operating system. The current versions are Microsoft OneNote 2010 for Windows and 2011 for Mac.

Please read through the page below as it will give you a more in-depth explanation of what OneNote is and how it works.

Videos On OneNote
On the following slides are short crash-course videos for OneNote 2007, 2010, and 2013. Please skip to your version of OneNote and watch the video for that version.

To find out what version of OneNote you are using, click the link below.

Now that you are familiar with OneNote, you need to create a sample OneNote Notebook that you will upload to your portfolio. If you have not created your portfolio yet, don't worry. You will create it in a future technology presentation.

On the next slide is the description of your assignment.

OneNote Instructions:
The OneNote Notebook should have the following:
Create a sample notebook with a couple pages of notes.
The notes should include text, picture, and audio, and drawn notes.
You should attach a file to the notebook. The word document you made in the word section will do.
The notebook title should be your name.

OneNote 2007
OneNote 2010
OneNote 2013
When you finish the OneNote Notebook, save it to your computer. You will need to keep it so that you can upload it to your portfolio later on
Congratulations! You are now finished with this tutorial. Please proceed to the next tutorial.
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