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emily vanraay

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Stardust

Double click anywhere & add an idea Book vs. Movie Introduction to the Story... The book takes place in England, in the small village of Wall. The village is named after a tall grey wall that seperates the village from the strange meadow on the opposite side. There is only one break in this wall, in which two guards protect 24/7, as no one is aloud to go in or out.
There is only one exception to this rule, when every nine years strange folk and creatures come across the wall to engage in a fair where they sell their goods... Meet the Characters!!!! Tristan Thorn The antagonist of the story, a strange city boy
who never really fit in, wanted nothing
more then the prettiest girl in town's hand in
The quest for this leads him on the path to his
true destiny. Dunstan Thorn This is Tristan's father. Nine months before
Tristan was born Dunstan (about 20 at the time)
wandered over to the Faerie market where he
encountered a pretty elf-like woman selling glass
flowers. They fell in love, and did what people do
when they love eachother.. they made a baby.
The elf-woman belonged to a witch who owened
the glass flower shop, so she had to return to Faerie.
Nine months later a baby misteriously appeared on the
other side of the wall addressed to Dunstan, the name
of this baby was Tristan Thorn. Lady Una Lady Una is a women
that until the end of
the book, a princess who
had an unbreakable spell
cast upon her so that she
would be a slave to a witch.
She is Tristan's mother, and
one of the heirs to the King-
dom of Stormhold. Yvaine Yvaine is a star, yes, in the book
she is literally the thing you see
when you look in the sky.
When Tristan and Victoria see a
falling star, Yvaine is the star they
see falling out of the sky, and into
the land of Faerie.
Tristan goes across the wall to the
forbidden land of Faerie to find this
star, not expecting it to be a girl. Septimus Septimus is one of the
only remaining sons of Stormhold
seeking the title of King.
He is looking for an amulet that his
father threw into the universe for
one of his sons to find and become King.
This amulet is what knocked Yvaine the star
out of the sky, and she wears it around her neck.
Septimus too, is looking for the star. Capitan Shakespeare Capitan Shakespeare is the
capitan of a lightning fishing boat.
He is a very interesting character, as he is
very concerned with his reputation, so
he puts on a mask of a stereotypical capitan,
but really, he is gay. The Witch The evil witch and her two sisters
are very old, and the only way they
can re-gain youth is by eating the heart
of a fallen star. (gross) Throughout the book
she searches for the star as well as Septimus
and Tristan, but she wants to kill the star. Victoria Forrester The girl who Tristan wants
to marry. (she is not very
nice at all, very conceited.) Setting... The settings are the same in the movie and book,
but there is less of a mood going on. There is not
as much MAGIC happening in the movie as in the
-the magic forrest and hairy man creature at beginning Themes in Stardust... What your really looking for is sometimes right in front of you.
If you really want someting, you can get it. Don't give up. DIFFERENCES :( So first of all, there was barely any magic in the movie.
The movie leaves out the furry man at the beginning.
Capitan Shakespeare does not exist in the book like in the movie.
Lady Una is not an Elf in the movie.
Tristan gets the travelling candle from his mom in the movie, not the furry man.
At the end, when he confronts Victoria, it is VERY different.
The witch dies in the movie, but not the book.
Tristan and Yvaine travell the world for years before they return to claim the throne at stormhold.. WHO HAS BEEN PAYING ATTENTION!!!!! WHO HAS BEEN PAYING ATTENTION?? What happened when Yvaine fell to earth? SHE MADE A CRATER! What did Capitan Shakespeare and his shipmates do for a living? THEY HARVESTED LIGHTNING BOLTS!
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