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Ollie archer

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Bullying

WHAT IS BULLYING? WHAT IS BULLYING? Bullying is when one person or a group is harassing one or another. There is 5 main types of bullying cyber, social, physical, exclusion and viber all these types are very harmful. One type of bullying that you see often is name calling, people call each other names, as a joke or not it is bullying even if you dont mean it, Also if some one keeps repeating a meanful action or word this is bullying. DIFFERENT TYPES OF BULLYING! 1. Cyber bullying
2. Viber bullying
3. Physical bullying
4. Exclusion bullying
5. Social bullying WHY DO PEOPLE BULLY OTHERES? Mostly bullying happens when the bully its self is getting bulled at home or though social advents, Some times bully's bully because they think its fun, cool or they are getting bulled, Or maybe they feel like they are more powerful if they are bullying some one. These are all very harmful! WHAT DO I DO IF I SEE SOME GETTING BULLYED? If you see some one getting bullyed dont just stand there and watch, tell a teacher or an older person to tell them to stop or you could go over and stand up for them and tell the bully to go away and leave them alone. WHAT DO I DO IF IM GETTING BULLYED? If your getting bullyed dont let them keep bullying you tell a teacher or a perant, or go to councling before it gets really bad. Some times bullys bully people because they know the will react to it and take it personally. I know it hurts when your getting called names but you need to walk away and not care or get upset but definatly make sure you tell a teacher. HOW CAN BULLYING AFFECT EACH DIMENSION OF WELL-BEING? Some people dont realise that bullying affects everybody.
Social-Probably dont have many friends or find it hard to make friends.
spiritual-They dont except their culture.
Physical- They may result in self harm.
emotional-People who get bullied can become very sad and depressed. It can damage their self esteem and confidence. By Ollie
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