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How does jealousy affect teenage girls' friendships?

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Charlotte Leboeuf

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of How does jealousy affect teenage girls' friendships?

By: Chelsea Orr and Charlotte Leboeuf
Jealousy: feeling resentment against someone because of that person's rivalry, success, or advantages (often followed by ``of```)/. For example, ``Elizabeth was jealous of her rich and pretty sister, Katie.``
Jealousy can cause many problems between two people and sometimes more. It can cost you a friendship, a relationship, or even just someone you really want in your life. Jealousy is usually between two friends, but it can be between two strangers too.Jealousy usually makes the person that they're jealous of feel bad, but sometimes, depending on the case, jealousy should be taken as a compliment and not as an insult. Close friends tend to get jealous of each other easily, as they are quite alike in various aspects.

How does jealousy affect teenage girls' friendships?
Every little kid believes, at one point, that a monster lives under their bed. However, what they do not know is that a green-eyed monster is already comfortably established inside their head. What is its name? Jealousy. Affecting millions of people, jealousy, also known as the Green-Eyed Monster, is a killer, and friendships are its victim.

We decided to base our research on jealousy, as it is said that it is impossible for even a single man to never be jealous of anybody. In other words, jealousy is a fascinating subject that concerns everybody. This is the reason why we chose this topic.

William Shakespeare's famous play, ``Romeo and Juliet`` does include some jealousy. However, in order to realize this, reading between the lines is essential. For example, there might be some jealousy or envy between the two quarreling families: the Montagues and the Capulets, as the reason of their hatred towards each other is unknown, so it is very possible that it could simply be due to mutual jealousy. Also, Juliet might be jealous of Rosaline, for Romeo loved Rosaline first. This being said, what is jealousy? And does it really destroy friendships?
The Green-Eyed Monster
A good example of jealousy would be Snow White. This is because the evil queen is jealous of Snow White due to her natural beauty, otherwise known as fairness. In the tale, the queen repeatedly asks her magic mirror to tell her who the fairest lady of the land is. Here is a short clip that shows this:
Here are some interesting quotes on jealousy:
``Don't waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes your behind." -Mary Schmich

"You can be the moon and still be jealous of the stars." -Gary Allan

In conclusion, jealousy concerns everybody, which is why you shouldn't take any offense to it. If anybody is jealous of you, help them get rid of the green-eyed monster living inside their head! Don' t waste your time regretting being jealous of someone when deep down everyone is jealous of someone sometimes. After all, being jealous of somebody is the best compliment you can give them!
Question #1:
Question #2:
Question #3:
Question #4:
Question #5:
Question #6:
Question #7:
Question #8:
We chose to begin the survey by inquiring about whether or not the respondent had ever been jealous before. While most people would've stuck with the normal ``yes`` or ``no`` as answers, we decided that we wished to make our data be as specific as possible. Thankfully, our desires were fulfilled.
It is one thing to be jealous of someone, but it is another to have somebody being jealous of you. This is the reason why we chose to add this question, which might have come across as redundant without it really being repetitive. We wanted to reach out to the most people possible, and we realized that although certain people might have never experienced jealousy before, they have probably been the cause of jealousy for certain people. Weirdly enough, it is possible to be jealous of somebody because of their lack of jealousy.
In general, a jealous person will have a hard time being rejoiced or happy of something positive going on in another person's life, as they will only focus on how those things don't happen to them. This is why jealous people might come across as selfish, while they are simply insecure or lacking of a proper self-esteem. If somebody looks like they might be jealous of you, try to boost up their self-esteem by complimenting them. In fact, if somebody is jealous of you, it is because they look up to you and take you as their model. — http://goo.gl/44edPe
Jealousy can be caused by the way we compare ourselves to other people, and doing so is beyond normal. Everybody experiences jealousy at least once in their life, and comparing ourselves to others is the way we get to measure where we stand. In general, mankind enjoys thinking of itself as unique, so it is natural for us to be most envious or jealous of the people we are similar to.
A scientific study proves that jealousy is more common with girls than boys. This is probably because guys don't usually express their feelings, as opposed to girls. As David Hill and David Buss explain in their research, the Evolutionary Psychology of Envy, we experience envy because it is natural for us to ``evaluate our position in the competition for resources``.
This question is probably the most important one in the survey, as it really defines the cause of jealousy. We sent the survey to teenage girls because this is the audience that has a tendency to get jealous the most.
We picked this question because we want to know if jealous people actually regretted their negative thoughts.
Jealousy can ruin a friendship or any kind of relationship, so we wanted to know if jealousy could affect teenage girls' friendships.
We picked this question because we wanted to know if being jealous of someone actually ruined relationships and caused others to hate themselves because of their jealousy.
We picked this question because we wanted to know if being jealous of someone in your past had an effect on a relationship you tried to create.
We wanted to write this question to collect the most data possible and find out the reasons why people get jealous the most.
Thank you for listening to our presentation!
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