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Thailand Adventure Proposal

No description

M Reyskens

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of Thailand Adventure Proposal

Once in Thailand
Just landed:
So, once we land in
we can either choose to stay there for a day/ night to recover from the jet lag & then head on to other towns
Many people have suggested it's better to leave Bangkok for the end of your trip as then you don’t immediately spend all your money the first few days
Depending on time, we can decide to take the train from
Chiang Mai
back down to
, or catch a cheap flight, which is much quicker
Our last 2 days or so we can spend in
& then fly back home to
Cape Town
Potential plan:
Option 2:
A second option (if we are pressed for time)
is to skip the north
Chiang Mai
) &
spend more time

exploring the
Option 1:
potential plan:
So, we’ll have to see if the following plan is doable in the 2 weeks that we’re there
We can always decide to leave out something if it gets too hectic
So from
we catch a cheap flight (approx. R300 p/p) down to either
Surat Thani
in the South (& visit both places)
Depending on where we land we can catch a ferry to the islands of
Ko Samui, Ko Tao
& surrounds, as they are
After spending some time there we can go by train or bus to
, which many people recommend as the most beautiful place in Thailand, minus the gazillion drunken Australian tourists =)
Hello intrepid travellers!
Please note – none of this is final, as the finer details will be worked out at a later stage
This is just to give an idea of what a trip to Thailand would potentially involve
Provisionally, the dates we’re working with are
28 June (Sat) to 12 July (Sat)
So the trip would potentially be for 13 days ish
Again, these dates are
not final yet
, but they look like the most practical option & the flights are more reasonable around this time
To do:
So far the cheapest flights to Thailand are with
Qatar Airways,
which means we’ll have to go via Doha in Qatar & then on to Bangkok, Thailand
Total cost:
[Estimate for whole holiday]
(this only includes: flight to Thailand, flights within Thailand & accommodation)
After perousing through this wunderbar Prezi that Marina slaved away for, you each need to do the following:
flight time
P.S. All the cool kids are going...
Let Marina know if you are in for the trip:
“Yes, I am willing and able to join” or
“No, you guys suck, go away.”
Most reasonable price so far =
if we leave Sun 29 June & come back Sun 13 July.
We can fly for a bit cheaper (
) if we leave Sun 06 July & come back Sat 19 July
We can chat about which one we’d prefer


Please give a definite answer as soon as possible (
no “maybes” please!
Are you in?

As nothing is final yet, these are just
prices of what accommodation would
cost, going from a first research look at some types of accommodation
Obviously when we book it for final the prices may differ somewhat
Some Notes:
The Grand Palace
Wat Phra Kaew
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
More info?
Please read this super useful guide to Thailand:
Useful link:
These links provide handy info about
Thailand & give an introduction to what
to expect. And also you won’t have to
ask Marina a billion questions, hehe

We Chat
completely free
can run off of wifi
really cool features
Consider getting a Thai SIM Card.
By buying this SIM card you can use the “prepaid” version of calling while you are abroad
If you intend on staying for a long period of time, it is wise and cheaper just to purchase a phone plan with a Thai cell provider.
Thailand uses 220 Voltage; Plugs A & C
Coin operated pay phones are available throughout the country and cost around 1 baht per minute for local calls.
Card phones can cost up to 18 baht (.50 USD) per minute.
Prepaid phone cards are generally available in 300 baht denominations (just under 10 USD; they are available at convenience stores such as 7-11 and phones accepting these cards are painted yellow and are usually not far from the local 7-11 store”.
Making phone calls
Flying time is around
8 hours
from Cape Town to Doha, Qatar & another
8 hoursish
from Doha to Bangkok, Thailand
If we decide to go to
From there we can catch a flight to
Chiang Mai
in the North, which has beautiful temples & hiking trails & generally has cooler weather
(Thailand’s weather is usually very hot & humid, so just prepare yourselves to sweat a lot!)
accommodation is generally really cheap but not nasty cheap
rough estimate of total accommodation for about 13 nights =
R3,600 (ish) =)
= R15,567
(need to still add in cost of leisure activities, personal expenses, food & other transport)
Super useful site! Explains what to expect, how much things cost, activites to do, things to see, etc
You're not allowed to come with unless you've read this guide! =)
Obviously, if you want more info, ask Marina
Remember, we will still discuss final details later
-Thailand is described as
cheap & amazing!
-Thailand is very geared towards
providing for tourists & is
easy to travel around in
-From the research Marina has
done so far, it definitely seems
like you can do a lot without
spending a lot of money
Everyone Marina has spoken to thus far
who has already been to Thailand has
confirmed that a holiday here can be done
on a super low budget (and this doesn’t
mean we have to live in cramped
accommodation & eat crappy food – in fact,
exactly the opposite!)
So…the following is a provisional
itinerary for an adventure in Thailand!
After everyone has given Marina a definite answer,
final arrangements of the trip can be made &
everything can be booked &
world peace & such
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