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A Better Argument: Aristotelian Persuasive Rhetoric in Any Classroom

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Beth Dibble

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of A Better Argument: Aristotelian Persuasive Rhetoric in Any Classroom

Why Use the Methods of Aristotle?
The Lesson
The Thesis Statement
Ways to Implement This in Your Class
In-class writings (< 5 sentences - Full page)
Online class blog posts
Formal papers (drafts and revisions)
Fishbowl peer edits
Group drafts for class debate
Real World Examples
A Better Argument:
Aristotelian Persuasive Rhetoric in Any Classroom

Marynn Dause and Beth Dibble
Make writing functional beyond the classroom.
Help students express themselves authentically.
Provides a flexible format for critical thinking.
Argue/Make your point
Conclude/Bring it home
"Make the audience well-disposed towards ourselves and ill-disposed to our opponent."
What one part of Aristotle's rhetoric does Calvin leave out?

Why is Calvin reasonably successful in his conclusion?
We need a silly topic. Any takers?
Honors English 9
student arguing
against arranged
AP teacher
just switching
to Aristotle's
English 9 student
on sixth grade reading level.
Grew from two sentence
to this!
Think, Pair, Share:
How do you currently teach persuasive writing, and what difficulties do you encounter?
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