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Horse Riding and caring guide

A prezi for beginner riders and owners

abbey hilder-childs

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of Horse Riding and caring guide

Hi everyone!
My name is Abbey and so far I have made many Prezis about many things but this one will be about my favourite animal... a horse! This is a quick read of a guide. Now I have made this prezi for beginner horse riders or owners. Horses are beautiful creatures and if they are tame they will let you fit all the tack on them. (saddles, saddle mat etc.). Then they will let you ride them.
The parts of a
There are many different parts of a horse. First you need to know what the Points of a horse are. They are the bones of the horse that you see from the outside. There is the Dock (the point just above the tail), the Cannon (the horses shin), the Withers (the base of it's neck), the Hock (the horses knee), Muzzle (the horses mouth and nose), crest (the point on the neck just below the head), the Fetlock (the ankle of the horse just above the hoof) and so much more. Did you know that some horses wear socks? Well some do. It is the white or brown part of the coat just above the Fetlock.
How to horse ride
Horse riding is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. I find with most people is that they are scared about falling off a horse. Now to those people ..... GIVE IT A GO! Because you might not fall off! Anyway to horse ride you get on the horse and kick it's side for it to go. Then when your walking pull on the left to go left and the right to turn right. If you have mastered the walk go to a trot. To trot you need to stand up then sit down in the rythm of the trot. the rythm is 1, 2 seconds standing sit for a second then 1,2 standing in the saddle
A sock on a horse
What Do Horses Eat?
Horses eat lots including: Hay (dried grass), Grass, Oats, Bran (a powder that softens the coat that you mix in with its food), carrots and apples but the apples, only in small amounts. There are some plants that poisonous or can make horses sick and stop growing the grass. They are, Acorns, Laburnum, Ragwort and Foxglove.
What is the difference between
a horse and a pony?
A pony is a short horse. First horses and ponies are both measured in 'hands'. So to be a pony it has to be less than 14.2 hands (142cm) tall at the withers. A hand is 10cm.
What breeds are there of horse and ponies?
There are many different breeds of horse and pony in the world. There is the Shetland pony, The Chestnut (a reddish, gold), Skewbald (patches of white and brown), Piebald (patches of black and white), Palomino (gold coat with white hair), Dark Bay (brown), Grey (white to grey) and there only some! Horses can come in all different sizes, shapes and colours.
Horse Riding And Caring Guide
Thanks for viewing my horse guide Prezi!
Here are some awesome horse facts!
You can tell a horses age by its teeth. The older the more triangular the are.
Horses usually live to 30yrs but Old Billy lived to 62yrs!
Mesohippus and Eohippus are both ancient and prehistoric horses they were only 60cm.
Knights used to dress up their horses for tournaments and battle. They wore trappers (a type of coat) and helmets called Shaffrons.
The Roman Emperor Caligula said he loved his horse so much he gave it servants and its own house!
If horses don't drink enough water after meals then they get a stomach ache called
Long socks are commonly called '
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