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Noise Pollution: Music Volume (Personal Players)

No description

Kavita Ambu

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Noise Pollution: Music Volume (Personal Players)

Noise Pollution Music Volume: Personal Devices How Many of You Own a Pair of These? How Your Ear Works How These Little Monsters
Effect Your Hearing Types of Hearing Loss 1) Sensineural : happens in the inner ear when high energy sound waves, overstimulate and kill hair cells. When hair cells for a band of frequencies are destroyed, they are no longer heard.

2)Tinnitus: occurs when a loud noise only damages the hair cells beyond their capacity to heal. Then either hearing at certain frequencies will be diminished and/or the damaged cells will fire continuously, even though there is no real sound (constant buzzing). Recommendations It is okay to listen to about 80% of the maximum volume for 90 minutes per day. However, the louder the volume the less you are allowed to listen to.
You could also follow the "60 percent/ 60 minute rule"
Be sure to take breaks after listening to music over long periods of time
Avoid wearing headphones during aerobic exercise
Take advantage of the noise control setting on your iPods.
Don't wear them in a noisy setting It is the unwanted release of noise into the environment.

This can include harmful or annoying levels of noise, from airplanes, automobiles, etc.

It can cause unwanted stress, and loss of sleep.

Can lead to hearing impairment (going deaf)

Decrease in work efficiency

Victims include: human, animals and plants What is Noise Pollution The End Possible Solutions/ Laws Avoid prolonged use
Arrange safe habits around your listening schedule
Buy good quality headphones
Headphone manufacturers must test their products so that the maximum output is 80dB.
Schools (in Peel) should dedicate a minimum of 4 rooms to be used as, "quiet zones".
Use headphones conservatively
After 2013, any headphones that produce a decibel level higher than 90 dB should be returned. Those who oblige will be compensated.
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