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Saint Adele

A special nun to God and kind to everyone.

Jennifer Washburn

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Saint Adele

Saint Adele A special
nun and widow to God. St.Adele After Adele's husband died she
became a nun. She thought God's plan was to grow closer to him. So she did what God
wanted her to do.
She became a lot closer to God than
she already was. Saint Adele really
missed not having her husband around
but she grew a new family with
her sisters and God. Saint Adele was the daughter of Dagobert II of Germany. Saint Adele was very close to God. Saint Adele had a very short time in marriage with her husband. Saint Adele became the first Abbes ruling with holiness, prudence, and compassion. Adele died of natural causes. Her feast day is December 24th and died in 730.We don't know the exact date of Adele's death. Brooke Washburn St.Adele also had a son. Adele's
son was to be the future father
of St. Gergory. St.Adele later was
called a widow.
Widow means were you have
a child but you husband
died. Adele did not mind being called a widow. God was surely proud of what Adele did with her life. Adele was not perfect ether. God also did great working through her. RESOURCES

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