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A One Year Movie: Earth Story

No description

Sydney Stevanovic

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of A One Year Movie: Earth Story

Story of Earth's Evolution January, Earth looked barren and bleak, showing
absolutely no signs of life. February, March Early April Single celled microorganisms
appear on Earth. Last week of May First vertebrates explode onto the scene Middle of July First plants begin the colonization of
continents abandoning the sea for the
first time. Late August First land vertebrates, the amphibians
put in an appearance and flourish Middle of September The first reptiles come to life Christmas Day Two thirds of September A major mass extinction mysteriously
wipes out 95% of all species Late September,
October, November Last week of April Multi-celled organisms arrive
on the scene. Dinosaurs rise quickly First birds and mammals
also appear Third week of November End of November Demise of dinosaurs December Mammals come to dominate the
life forms of the planet Colorado River beginning to cut downward
into the rising Colorado Plateau to form
the Grand Canyon December 31 (12:00 pm) First primitive human beings pop up
in the grasslands of East & South Africa December 31 (1:00 pm) Advance of glaciers from the northern
and southern pole regions December 31 (6:00 pm) Sightings of human activity
is very scanty December 31 (New Year's
Eve 11:00 pm) Old Stone Age begins December 31 (11:45 pm) Human beings is well established as refined stone
implements are being produced December 31 (11:50 pm) Neolithic Revolution occurs in the Middle
East; the first conscious cultivation of
the soil to produce food December 31 (11:55 pm) The civilization in the Mesopotamia
region is followed quickly by similar
developments in Egypt, the Indus
Valley and the Mediterranean Basin. Dec. 31 (11:58:43 pm) Dec. 31 (11:58:40 pm) The Christian Era begins Columbus discovers America Dec. 31 (11:59:53 pm) Canadian Confederation is
formed Dec. 31 (11:59:58 pm) The Vietnam War starts
and ends Dec. 31 (11:59:59 pm) The Soviet Union disintegrates
as a country and the Cold War
comes to an end Third week of November The raising of the Rocky Mountain system in North America (and the Alps in Europe and the Himalayas in Asia) signals the end of the great era of reptilian domination Earth Calendar done by Sydney Stevanovic
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