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Dental Hygienists

No description

Jordan Hester

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Dental Hygienists

By:Jordan Hester Dental Hygienists Level Of Education To become a Dental Hygienists you will need
an associates degree in dental hygiene to enter the occupation. Certificates,
bachelor's degree, and master degree's are available but less common among dental hygienists. Salary Range What do Dental Hygienists do? Remove tartar,stains,and plaque from peoples teeth.
Apply fluorides to help protect teeth.
Take and develop dental X-rays.
They keep track of patient care and treatment plans.
They also teach patients how to brush and floss there teeth. Dental Hygienists get paid a median salary. They get paid 68,250 dollars per year.
per hour they get paid $32.81. Dental Hygienists Schools. Daymar collage University of Louisville Ata career education These are the top schools in Louisville that have good dental hygienists programs. The abilities you need to be a dental hygienists Dental Hygienists need to be social and outgoing. you have to make the patients feel comfortable. It's important for the hygienists to let the patient know that they care about there situation. Dental hygienists have to be very patient. They also need to be very careful when they are working so they dont hurt the patient. What I Learned I have learned that dental hygienists don't just clean your teeth there the people who take the x-rays at the dentist. They also have to be very pateint. Sources I used www.bls.gov/oco/
this is where i got alot of my information. www.onlineeducation.net/schools/dental-hygienist/KY/louisville
This is where i found the top schools. www.alliedhealthworld.com/dental_hygienist/job_skills.html
these is were i found out the skills you need. I got my picture from Google.
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