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Private Peaceful

No description

David Hanley

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Private Peaceful

The Colonel
Lieutenant Buckland

Kind like Mrs. Peaceful

Looks after the soldiers

Sergeant Hanley
Private Peaceful
The book follows the adventures of the Peaceful brothers, Charlie and Tommo, as they grow up in rural England and also fight in the First World War

Tommo looks up to Charlie and finds it difficult to cope with the age difference. Charlie grows up before Tommo and therefore leaves school earlier and also joins the war first. Tommo follows him in everything he does, they even fall in love with the same girl!
Private Peaceful
Like Mr. Munnings Sergeant Hanley gives Charlie a hard time. The army seems inhuman and Charlie doesn't agree with it. He gets the respect of the other soldiers and continues to look after Tommo.

Unfortunately Sergeant Hanley has an influence over Charlie's future. He has his court-martialed for disobeying orders when Charlie stayed to care for Tommo during an attack. Charlie is put to death and leaves Tommo to look after his mom, Big Joe, Molly and their son Tommo
Private Peaceful Structure
There are two
(ways of presenting the story) in the book:
the first part of each chapter occurs in the present time and works from 10:05pm to 5:59am
the rest of each chapter recounts the lives of the Peaceful brothers

The story is also broken into two parts:
the first part deals with their rural lives in England
the second part tells us about their training and lives in Belgium during the war
Private Peaceful
Cruel and tough on the men

Is similar to the Colonel

Authority and power
: authority is represented by characters such as the Colonel, Mr. Munnings, Sergeant Hanley, Hazel. Peaceful and Lieutenant Buckland

: The importance of family relationships is shown by the strong bonds between the Peaceful Family

Death and war
: The horrors of the trenches is very obvious in part two of the novel
Examples of power and authority:
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