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Pelota Vasca

No description

Ella MacKrell

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Pelota Vasca

There are four main ways to score in Pelota Vasca;
The basic scoring shot is where the opposing team cannot return the ball before it has bounced more than once. A scoring team though doesn’t have to ensure that the ball bounces in play though, and if they are able to manufacture a shot that sees the ball hit the front wall but bounces onto the floor outside of the court, then a point is also scored. If the serving team fail to hit the front wall between the serving marks, then the receiving team win the point. A point is also scored if they ball doesn’t hit the front wall without bouncing first.
What is it?
How to play
Team Information
The rules of Pelota Vasca vary subtly depending on the type of game being played. In short, the game of Pelota Vasca is played by two teams of two players on the court, although in villages it is sometimes possible to see games played between individuals.
Types of
Pelota Vasca
The literal translation of Pelota vasca is "Basque ball"
It is a sport played a lot in central Europe
In some countries it is known as "Basque Pelota".

The team that is serving strike the ball, after bouncing it, against the front wall, ensuring that it hits between the high and low serving marks. A serve though is only good if it then bounces onto the floor or onto the side wall. The receiving team may then either volley the ball back or allow it to bounce once.
The sport of Pelota Vasca is played with a range of different bats and mittens.
Professionally, it is played with tape wound around the hands or with a small mitt/glove.
By Ella MacKrell, Mia Skeet, Callum Ramsay and Tom Courtney
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