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The Testing

No description

lauren cox

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The Testing

About the Author
Cia: Cia is the main character in this book and is dynamic. At first, she is hopeful, thinking that she can change the world and help revitalize the planet. She also thinks that the Testing is really helping the world become a better place. After she sees Malichi and Ryme die, she still wants to change the world, but to do that she knows she has to change how the government does things. She also realizes that the Testing is not good.
Tomas: Tomas is another candidate from Five Lakes, who is also dynamic. At first, he is kind and easy-going, but after running into several traps lain by the Testing Officials and the other candidates, he is slow to trust people, and is haunted by the choices he has made.
Will: Will is dynamic because when he first comes to the Testing Center, he is happy and confident that he will make it through all stages of Testing, but after his twin brother Gill doesn't make it to stage two, he laughs less and less, vowing to pass for his fallen brother.
Main Character Study
The conflict of this book is man vs. man, man vs. self, man vs. nature, and man vs. society. It is man vs. man because Cia has to face other Testers in almost all stages of Testing. She has to decide who to trust, and sometimes she trusts the wrong people. It is man vs. self because Cia has to decide if she trusts herself to make decisions, and she learns who she really is under pressure, which she doesn't really like. It was man vs. nature because Cia and Tomas face animals that had once been wolves but had morphed into animals that could walk on their hind legs. Finally, it was man vs. society because Cia has to fight against the United Commonwealth without putting her family and the people she loves at risk. Also, she has to determine if the Testing is really putting the right people in the important jobs they all strive for.
The climax is when Cia meets four humans mutated by the harsh landscape. She is attacked by one and shoots it, but immediately feels terrible and guilty. Then three other humans come after her. She makes sure to not kills the first two, but accidentally kills the third. You learn that if her life is threatened she will hurt someone, but would rather just hurt them to the point that they can't come after her.
First, Cia is chosen for the Testing along with three other people from the Five Lakes community. Next, Cia is told by her father that the Testing is dangerous and not what it seems. Third, Ryme commits suicide, but no one is upset; they see it as another test that she failed. Then, Malichi, another boy from her town, dies in the second round of Testing for giving a wrong answer. Fifth, Cia meets up with Thomas in the forth test, where you must face other Testers and the dangers of the contaminated world to get to the finish line. Next, Cia figures out that their identification bracelets are listening devices so the Testing officials can track what the Testers are doing. Also, Cia meets a man on the other side of the fence who gives her water and food.
Rising Action
The setting is a post-apocalyptic world, almost destroyed by the Seven Stages war. The Seven Stages War was like World War Three, where the countries fought each other with all kinds of bombs and warfare, destroying almost all civilization and the earth around it for the first four stages, and the last three was where the earth fought back, causing earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and hurricanes. The remaining population is developing plants to survive the harsh conditions of the earth. The Testing was designed to determine their nations next leaders, but the punishment of failing is death.
The Testing
By: Joelle Charbonneau
Joelle Charbonneau was born in Chicago, November 04, 1974. Her undergraduate and graduate degrees are in music and theater. After grad school, she started performing around the Chicagoland area at a variety of professional theaters. She has a five year old son, and is a full time mother. She has written 10 books. Her books include the Testing series, the Rebecca Robbins series, and the Glee Club series. She lives near Chicago, and when she isn't writing, she works as an acting and vocal coach.
Point of View
The point of view is first person. It is told distinctly from Cia's point of view, from beginning to end. If it wasn't first person, or it was told from another persons point of view, then you wouldn't get Cia's talk with her father, any of her suspicions about the Testing or the listening devices and cameras, and you wouldn't get many of the deaths that happen, which are important parts of this book.
Figurative Language
~ The first piece of figurative language is symbolism. The Seven Stages War symbolizes what we as a people will do if threatened. We have the power to level whole countries, lay waste to thriving cities and towns, kill innocent people for fear of the unknown, and almost destroy the ecosystem in war. Some leaders tried to talk things peacefully, but the others were too angry to listen to reason, like people today.
~ Another piece of figurative language is irony. Cia trusts Will wholeheartedly, and when Tomas doesn't trust him, she gets mad at him. Then, Will betrays them both, and it almost costs them both their lives.
~ The last piece of figurative language is symbolism. The way that the people of the United Commonwealth come back from the Seven Stages War symbolizes how resilient we as a people are. The earth was poisoned, but the people created new genetically altered plants built to survive the harsh conditions. People made things to survive, so that they could survive.
The theme of this book is follow your instincts. In stage three, Cia had to trust her gut when she thought her teammate was tricking her and the others. She ended up being right, and saving one of her other teammates, who thinks he's saving her later on. She trusts her insticts when she comes to the man-made pond and ends up being right , even though Tomas doesn't believe her.
Authors Tone
The authors tone is worried. When Cia's dad tells her that the Testing is dangerous, you feel like something bad will happen to either Cia or the other people from Five Lakes. Also, when Cia is shot at by a crossbow, you aren't sure if everyone will be so lucky as to escape without being killed or injured.
Readers Mood
The readers mood is anxious. It is anxious because many chapters leave you on cliffhangers, and you sit there wondering what will happen next. Also, during some of the chapters, the action and suspense keep you reading for a long, long time just to make sure the people you like will stay in the book.
Did the Author Achieve Her Purpose?
The author's purpose was to tell what will happen if we actually go into World War 3 with the technology that we have now, and that even though it would be really difficult to bounce back from, we could do it after a while. She definitely achieved this by telling of the after effects of the war and what people had to go through to survive. She also told of the breakthroughs and the hope that people had even after all they had been through.
What was your overall response to the book?
I loved this book! It was action-packed, filled with suspense and betrayal, and was just plain amazing. The book was filled with hope, suspense, and drama from beginning to end. This book was so entertaining, I read it in only two days. When I read it again, I enjoyed it almost as much as I did the first time, and I was nervous at the same spots, which is a hard thing to do as a writer.
I would recommend this book to anyone. It has tons of suspense and action, and it has something for everyone. I give it five stars and two thumbs up. I think everyone in here would love this book, just like I did.
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