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Glass Ceiling

No description

Dottie Chandler

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Glass Ceiling

The Glass Ceiling by Dottie Chandler
Thesis Statement
Women all over the world work for big and small companies. But for some reason
men still overpower women in the modern world
• Supposedly one of the first women's rights movments was in the Roman Republic (500-20 BC)
• Women have always wanted to make money and work
Glass Ceiling in America
•Women are not likely to be the head of a corporation or an important role in the business
•Women are accountable for about 3 percent of the CEO publicity traded US companies.
Glass Ceiling in Other Countries
•In other countries sexism, equality, and the glass ceiling are worse
•In Vatican City women cannot vote and get jobs
•Women are not allowed to do certain things that men can do, like driving, voting, and working
•98 female members of Congress overall out of 535 members
•20% female Senators (16 Democrats, 4 Republicans)
•17.9% female Representatives (47 Democrats, 24 Republicans)
Service Project
My service project was to create a piece of artwork that represents the glass ceiling. I chose this because one of my teachers asked me if I like to draw and I answered her saying ,"Yeah but I'm not that good." After a conversation about drawing we decided I would create a drawing representing the glass ceiling.
Service Project
Beginning of service project
Almost done
Finished artwork!
More Statistics
The average woman having a job
•United States 62%
•Brazil 56%
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
•By age 27 32% of women had a bachelor's degree
•24% of men got a bachelor's degree
How is this a service project?
•One solution for this problem is better pay and for women to be paid equal to men
•Women can get head jobs in corporations more often
Outside of Brochure
Inside of Brochure
•Women getting paid equally for the same work that men do will help communities, business, and families all over the world
•Let women vote, drive, and get jobs in all countries
•The solution to break the glass ceiling is to make fair advantages for everyone

Statistics Citations
Picture Citations
Picture Citations
Present Day
•200 Nigerian school girls captured because they went to school
•How you can get envoled to bring back the girls
Present Day Citatons
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